Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward. I’m with Lone
Star Tennis Company. I’m a USPTA certified teaching pro here in Austin, Texas. Today
we’re going to talk about how to play singles in tennis. When you’re playing singles, it’s
generally one on one. When you go out to the court, you’re going to try to keep the ball
inside the singles alley line. You don’t want to hit the ball into the alley itself–that’s
reserved for doubles play, two on two. When you first go out to the court, you’re going
to spin the racket and decide on side and who gets to serve first, after which you’re
going to warm up for about five minutes and get started in your game. You can play your
match in one of two ways. You can just rally for the fun of it, or having a competitive
match and play out points. At the end of each match, you want to go up to the net, shake
hands with your opponent, and congratulate them on a good job. You never want to leave
the court upset, because you just made a new friend. Exchange numbers because you never
know when you need somebody to hit with. That’s how to play singles in tennis. Thanks a lot.

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