Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward. I’m a USPTA certified
tennis teaching pro here in Austin, Texas with Lone Star Tennis Company. Today we’re
going to talk to you about how to hold your racket in a semi-western grip. If you look
at the bottom of your tennis racket, it has an octagon shaped handle. Every tennis racket
out there will have eight sides. They do this purposefully so that you can, it can help
you determine which grip you’re going to hold. Each one of these flat edges are what we call
bevels. If you start out right on top, along the edge of the neck and come down to the
handle, this flat edge on top is called bevel number one. If you’re right handed, you want
to rotate your racket clockwise one bevel to bevel number two, the next one we’ll name
bevel three, the next one we’ll name bevel four. Bevel number four is the, is the bevel
you’re going to hold for your semi-western grip. You want to lay the bevel along the
base of your corner knuckle, catacorner to the heel of your palm, wrapping your hands
around it with the trigger finger. You want to hold the bottom of your racket. You don’t
want to choke up too high at the top. So let’s count. One, two, three, four, you’re going
to lay that part on the base knuckle, catacorner heel of your palm, wrapping your hand around
it with the trigger finger, and your racket should look like this in your hand. A little
bit on the awkward side, but not too bad. This grip is very good for top spin, high
balls and medium height balls. You have a lot of power because your wrist is completely
behind the racket, you drive through the ball. That’s what we call a strong grip. Your racket’s
back, your wrist is back here driving through the shot. A semi western grip is what a majority
of the pros nowadays tend to hit with. That’s how you hold a semi western grip. I’m Lincoln
Ward. Thanks a lot.

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Dennis Veasley

42 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hold a Tennis Racquet With a Semi-Western Grip”

  1. OK this was good. But do we want the finger to be aligned with the bevel? (meaning the index finger along with the base and the diagonal as you mentioned?

    Vyas, Anirudh

  2. Semi-western or an extreme eastern/semi-western is probably the best. Federer uses it. But its more about racquet head accelaration

  3. the grip that i use is the 3rd "bebble" or whatever you called it on my palm the same way you held bebble 4
    my question: is my grip even an actual grip???

    haha i dont think it is….but ive been using that grip since i first started and any other grip just feels unnatural haha

  4. No you'll have an advantage if any. Always play the ball on to your opponents back hand as its much harder for them. For a leftie playin a rightie whos not used to playing lefties they'll have to change their mind set more to beat you. You'll have that advantage for the first few games anyway.

  5. that means that you're looping your swing and not swinging through it, semi western is best because you can get alot of topspin on your groundstrokes and it's best to grip continental on your serve.

  6. today. pros just flat out their racket and hit it. that technique saves more time and has more power compare to this.. haha. the trick is to use a c shape by not swinging the whole arm. just th half. that creates more topspin and you hit it at the top of the bonce. so the ball is directly pointing downwards. but the spin is still there. for the people who know what this is called. please respond. i use this technique but idk what it is called. haha

  7. @L0Iers You contradict yourself, if you're not good in sports you can't be good in any sport…

    I know what you mean though, it seems so for me. I don't really do any sports but now I'm learning tennis and it's rather easy.

  8. @L0Iers Basketball is the easiest to me, but being good at any sport takes dedication, hard work, and practice. I don't think you can just naturally be good at something if you don't give it your all.

  9. Rather check out the video by Will Hamilton (FYB2007 – fuzzyyellowballs). He explains very clearly, and uses the correct terms.

  10. @PlourdPlaythroughs
    nadal, youzny and mauresmo actually uses western grip…
    read tennis.com or ask to his coach…

  11. i need to watch all these videos i joined tenis because my friend wanted me join with him but im clueless in playing tennis

  12. @ThaaWhiteShadow Nadal uses Eastern – he puts his hand even further round than a semi western grip , a western grip is flat

  13. Newbie question: for a leftie (southpaw) what bevel do we use? **simply a matter of rotating counter-clockwise to the opposite bevel?

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