Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward, I’m a USPTA Certified
Teaching Pro here in Austin, Texas with Lone Star Tennis Company. Today we’re going to
talk about how to hold your racket with a continental grip. The first thing you need
to know about your racket is every racket out there has an octagon shaped handle. This
octagon shape is set on purpose because it creates eight different sides. Eight different
flat edges that run up the length of your tennis racket to the neck of the racket. These
flat edges are what we call bevels. The bevels help you determine what grip you’re going
to hold and how you hold it. In a continental grip you want to hold bevel number 2. For
a right handed player, you want to start off on top, and label that bevel number one. You
go clockwise to bevel number 2, 3, 4, and so on. Left handers, you’re just the opposite.
One, two, three, four. You guys go counter clockwise. A continental grip is when you
place bevel number 2, between bevel number 2 and bevel number 3, on the base of your
pointer knuckle, katty-corner to the heel of your palm. So, if you find that little
area, count bevel one, bevel two, and just line it up right on your hand, you have your
continental grip. A continental grip is really good for both forehand ground strokes, and
volleys, as well as serves. I’m Lincoln Ward and that’s how you hold a continental grip
on your tennis racket. Thank you very much.

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Dennis Veasley

12 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hold a Tennis Racquet With a Continental Grip”

  1. greaat. just this week i decided to lay down my eastern grip and change it to continental. that brightens up my day because with the video that was shared, i now have confidence that the grip i am currently using is continental. haha!

  2. ok this really explain exactly where to out your hand, whenever someone explains where to put tmy hand, they only say "put it here" this is much better and specific!!! time to test if it works for my serve now.(i have a sucky serve)

  3. NO WAY. the continental grip is not good for forehand groundstrokes at all. I have 2 grips when i play tennis. 1) My forehand topspin shots= semi western 2) Everything else= continental

  4. @LeafVillItachi My dominant hand (which is my right hand) is actually continental on my backhand. I think i am actually naturally a lefty, but my parents made me write and do everything with my right hand when i was very little. I get all my power on my backhand by my left hand. My right hand is just on for the ride. I also like this because i can hit my backhand slice shots without switching my grip which is especially useful when i have to chase down a ball.

  5. This is one of the very few youtube videos that mention the second point of reference on the hand gripping the racket, which the the counter heel of the palm. It gives the racket an angle crucial to landing serves in the box. I discovered that by complete coincidence during one of my games, and suddenly, I'm acing all over the place. Thanks man.

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