Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I’m a USPTA Certified
Teaching Pro, here in Austin, Texas, with Lone Star Tennis Company. Today, we’re going
to talk about how to hit an approach shot, in tennis. James Min is going to demonstrate
for us today. When you’re hitting an approach shot, the shot is generally when you’re forced
to come off the baseline, and rush into the net. The ball generally hits around the service
line, forcing you to not quite hit a volley, but not quite hit a ground stroke, either.
There are two different ways you can approach this shot. If the ball bounces beneath the
level of the net, you want to chip the ball. By chipping it, you want to hold that continental
grip, bevel number 2, and instead of starting from low to high, and driving through the
ball, as if it were a ground stroke. You’re going to start almost as if it were a volley.
Step in. Turn your body sideways. Come down on the ball, with a little bit of forward
thrust, so that the ball shoots forward with some backspin, and you slice the ball over
the net, but the slice will keep it low, to where it goes under the other side of the
net, and bounces, and stays low. Now, if the ball on the approach shot skips up above the
level of the net, you want to step in and drive through it, as if it were a ground stroke.
Anything above the level of the net, you want to go ahead and crush. You want to cream it.
You want to knock the fuzz off the ball. That is a good shot to attack on. Drive through
it, and follow into the net. That’s how you hit an approach shot in tennis. I’m Lincoln
Ward. Thank you very much.

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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hit an Approach Shot in Tennis”

  1. @ nuskeT lol i'm sure this is his casual way of playing tennis, just for the sake of demonstration. Lol i'm sure once he gets into a game, he'd become much more competetive

  2. the way i see it you should teach the "knock the fuzz of the ball" option, allways the back spin aproach shot is kinda sissi… rip it everytime, no fear…

  3. @mrbackhand1234 I'm USPTA-Certified and that test was not the easiest thing I have ever done. How this guy got certified, is beyond me.

  4. when I get a forehand appraoch shot where the ball is near the service line, I keep hitting it long. I know I am suppose to bend my knees and take a shorter back swing. But do i get under the ball like I would when I hit a forehand from the baseline? Or do I hit through it with top spin without getting under.

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