Hi my name is Lincoln Ward I’m a USPTA certified
teaching pro here at Austin Texas, with Lone Star Tennis Company. Today we are going to
talk about how to hit a two handed back hand ground stroke. The first thing you want to
do is close your body off to the court. There’s two different ways to stand in tennis. Open
stance and close stance. Any time you hit a two handed back hand, you really have to
stand close stance. Which means perpendicular to the baseline. When you first turn your
feet sideways, your shoulders will also turn and you will turn, you’ll continue turning
those shoulders until you have to look over your shoulder to the tennis ball. If you are
a soccer player and had a number eleven jersey on, you have eleven on the front and eleven
on the back, you would want to show your opponents just one of the number ones on your back.
When you go to contact the ball, you wait for the ball to bounce, step forward into
the ball with your leading foot, reach forward to make contact over that foot and follow
through, throwing the racket over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes. That’s pretty much
how you hit a back handed ground stroke in tennis. I’m Lincoln Ward thanks a lot.

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Dennis Veasley

20 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hit a Two-Hand Backhand in Tennis”

  1. it's not correct. perpendicular is not closed stand, it's actually at an angle w/ u slightly showing your back (what he was trying to explain).
    And the kid can't hit a backhand … looks awful and incorrect. What you should know is that the backhand should be like hitting with your left arm, except that u need ur right hand to add some support. A way to practice is to hit with only 2 righthand finger on it and let ur left hand do the work. msg me if you want me to explain it better for you

  2. That's not true. Serena Williams and Marat Safin hit open stance two-handed backhands and they have two of the best backhands in the game! You can hit a two hander well using either stance.

  3. why is everyone so bothered about open or closed stance it depends what type of ball you are hitting if your stretching your gunna be closed stance coz your feet are closer to the ball that way just wanna be natural with the feet

  4. the kid has an excelent technique, the backhand need to have a close stance everything else is emending… notice the kids foot pointing forward and that is the most important thing to notice here

  5. I think this guy gets down to some of the most important basics and explains it in a simple way. It helped me. I'd like to see him do a few more on 2 handed backhands.

  6. Click the video and pause with your mouse then click again to play. Then hit 7 on your keybaord. Kids like "DIEEEBALLLL"

  7. Click the video and pause with your mouse then click again to play. Then hit 8 on your keybaord. Kids like "DIEEEBALLLL"

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