Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward, I’m a USPTA Certified
Tennis Teaching Pro here in Austin, Texas. Today we’re going to talk about how to hit
a slice ball. James Men is going to help me demonstrate in just a few moments. When you
make contact with the ball, you don’t want to drive straight through it or come from
low to high. A slice ball is where you’re going to start your racket above the level
of the tennis ball and brush down and through the shot. A lot of players want to really
just cut the heck out of the ball and it doesn’t get too far. You want to start just above
the plane of the ball, drive through it, and come down beneath it, just a little bit, just
enough to give that little back spin. Slice is all about backspin. When you slice a ball,
it should stay nice and low, skimming over the net and on the bounds it should skip and
stay low. That’s when you know you have a good slice. So, you want to go ahead and take
your racket back, if it’s your forehand or your backhand, you’re going to, pretty much,
slice the ball the same way. Take your racket back to about your head level. Don’t worry,
take it back all the way back here, because you’re not going to slice your ball. Start
it up here, come down and through your shot, following through forward. You want to take
a nice little pose at the end, that’s a good way to know you’re not following through too
far. Same thing goes on your forehand, start up high, step in, finish right up here. Make
sure you keep your eye on the ball and you’ll here that nice little scratch sound coming
from high to low. You know you have a good slice if you have a little bit of fuzz on
the strings. That’s how you hit a slice ball in tennis, my name’s Lincoln Ward, thank you
very much.

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36 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hit a Slice in Tennis”

  1. I LOVE to "cut the heck" out of the ball XD Gives it a nice kick when it lands =) BUT, I had to practice a lot, because, like he said, it wouldn't make it over the net. Took me a while to get enough power behind it so it WOULD go over

  2. I know, it's funny when they are like "Wtf?" I specially love how i can use mine from anywhere on the court….doesn't have to be up by the net like most people I know

  3. I tried doing this at practice, and i accidentally did a dropshot instead during a rally…they thought i was pro all of a sudden XD

  4. not mine, they kick to the side XD well, I say this because every time I hit one, they seem to take people by surprise

  5. @bombermankyo its changing the pace. when your in a rally with your opponent and your hitting back and forward sometimes changing the pace is a good idea since it might lead to a mistake from the opponent. Also its good since it will get the opponent to bend low to get it which is good when facing tall players

  6. i did the exact same thing he sed but wen i do a forehand slice, the ball moves too far to the left instead of slightly left or straight (i accidentally hit some1 with teh ball doing this)

  7. he actually helps but u need a better picture im looking at this vid because i need to know my grip and the basics

  8. i can hit balls that u cant predict were they will go after it bonce
    all u can predict is its not goin straight

  9. I have a question and can someone please reply…if you do a slice than dont you mess up your string (put out of place) than you get a less powerful and less accurate shot for a normal hit?

  10. @nybarnards tennis strings wont shift with something this small. There's so much pressure on the strings, they're tennis strings not noodles lol

  11. For all those wondering. A slice shot is effective because it causes the ball to have a low bounce. So if your opponent is on one side of the court, you could slice it to the other side and it would be hard for them to get. Also, slice shots can throw off how someone is going to hit the ball because of the backspin just as a topspin can do the same thing.

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