Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward, I’m a USPTA Certified
Tennis Pro here in Austin, Texas with Lone Star Tennis Company. Today we’re going to
talk about your power serve. Generally the power serve is your first serve. A lot of
players like to use a flat serve for this. In order to pack on the power, a lot of people
want to use a lot of elbow grease to get the job done. These muscles up here are a lot
smaller and a lot weaker than the muscles down here in your trunk. If you use your leg
and your trunk to hit your serve, you’re going to have a lot stronger of a serve than you
would if you just used your arms. Just imagine, who would win in an arm wrestling contest
between these muscles up here and the muscles in your leg and back? Your legs would win,
hands down. No pun intended. So, when you’re serving, rotate your body through your serve.
Shoulders should look back, when you go through your shot, bend your knees. Reach, lift into
the serve with your legs, rotate your torque. Torque your body so you have a clean rotation
into your shot. They’ve found that when you use your arm to swing, you create linear velocity.
When you use your torque body, you create angular velocity. You get a lot more power
with your angular velocity, rotating into your serve than you would by just throwing
your arm. So, remember, when you’re serving, don’t just use your arm no elbow grease. You
want to pack the mustard on that hot dog by rotating through with your body, and your
trunk, and your legs. That’s how to hit a power serve. My name’s Lincoln Ward, thanks
a lot.

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38 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hit a Power Serve in Tennis”

  1. he means the muscle used. not your legs in general. yea its an old comment just wanted to put this up after seeing this. no disrespect

  2. Could listen to someone else, or you could develop your own style, the tips are good no doubt just I believe it's best to develop your own serve naturally rather than thinking about it too much. It's a rare case of body over mind, practical rather than theory.

  3. if your telling people to rotate through a serve than your completely wrong. and don't call it a "power serve" that sounds awful. there's first serves and second serves

  4. Really? Tell me what you know about Physics. Pshh, Linear Velocity, it is in the air. That is projectile motion which is already 2 dimensions, if it spins sideways, there is 3 dimensions.

  5. the internal elbow-arm rotation gives the most amount of power in serves.
    In-fact legs provide 30% of power in the serve which is less then the elbow internal rotation.
    Btw its 1 of the questions in ITF exam's .

  6. So unintendidly funny ! who would win a wrestling match between your legs and your arms ? your legs would win hands down ! lol.

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  8. Whenever I try to make a power serve I just keep hitting it inaccurate and it gives me a fault and after the first fault I just do a flat serve. Is there any special way to get it in the correct spot and hit it hard. Please Respond.

  9. its like instead using your arm and hand power, u turn your whole body and leg to get more power…although its illegal to some arm wrestling to use your body and leg power, but some competition allow that

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