Hi my name is Lincoln Ward, I’m a USPTA certified
teaching pro here in Austin Texas. And today I’m going to talk about how to hit a back
hand volley in tennis. If you watch tennis on tv sometimes you see them way back there
on the baseline slugging that ball, grunting hitting the ball hard. And sometimes you see
them run close to the net and they block the ball off and win the point. That’s what we
call a volley. Anytime you are close to the net and you are not letting the ball bounce
you are hitting a volley. On the back hand side, anytime you hit your volley you want
to start off with your racket well out here in front of you. Always hold a continental
grip or bevel number two when you are getting to hit either a forehand or backhand volley.
But specifically for your backhand you want to make sure your racket handle is around
the level of your chin when you turn to make contact with the ball, you don’t want to pull
your arm back, you want to turn your upper body so that your whole head stays focused
on that tennis racket. When you are making contact with the ball, make sure your eyes
don’t leave the tennis racket, don’t look forward to the court, the court is not what’s
moving. It’s the tennis ball. Make sure your eyes are peeled on that tennis ball to make
contact. You are going to step forward with your leading foot on your backhand volley
side, it’s going to be your right foot if you are right handed. If you are left handed
you are going to step forward with your left foot. That’s where you get your power from.
You never get power in your volley from a big swing. That’s going make, cause you to
be late, making you miss the ball or hit the ball wrong or in the net. Keep your racket
still, step into your shot and let your body weight drive through the ball. That’s how
to hit a back hand volley in tennis I’m Lincoln Ward, thank you very much.

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7 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hit a Backhand Volley in Tennis”

  1. crapy advices. ever seen a great volleyer turning his head like this, to look at your raquet ? of course not …

  2. @AtlantisArch What's so crappy with these advices? These tips are all correct. I guess you don't play much tennis because following the ball until it makes contact with the racket is an important factor.

  3. How come the kid in the example doesn't have his racquet handle at the height of his chin? Cause that would be ridiculous.

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