Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward, I’m a USPTA certified
teaching pro here in Austin, Texas. Today we’re going to talk about how to hit a backhand
ground stroke in tennis. There’s two different back hands you can use in tennis. A one handed
backhand, and a two handed backhand. A one handed backhand you’re going to pull your
racket back with your free hand–if you’re right handed you’re going to use your left
hand to pull your racket back, turning your body completely perpendicular to the tennis
court. You’re going to put that racket right along your waist as if it were a sword and
a sheet. When you go–when the ball bounces and you go to make contact, you’re going to
step forward with your leading foot, reaching about six inches in front of that foot, to
make contact with the ball. You have to make contact in front of your leading foot to drive
through the ball, or else it’s going to be pushing you around. Now, the two handed backhand,
just as it sounds, you’re going to hold the racket with two hands, turn your body sideways,
pull your racket back with that left hand, and drive through the ball in a similar fashion,
reaching over your front foot and driving through with your left hand, following over
your shoulder on your opposite side, like your throwing a sack of potatoes over your
back. Now, your right hand, if you’re right handed, is going to be just there for show.
It’s not really going to do a whole lot of action. Your non dominant hand, or your left
hand, is going to be doing most of the work. Your right hand is just there for show. If
you’re left handed, it’s going to be just the opposite. You’re going to drive through
with your right hand, whereas your left hand will be kind of sitting there looking pretty.
You’ll be standing the opposite direction, driving through, again over your dominant
foot–your leading foot, and drive through the ball over your shoulder. That’s how you
hit a backhand in tennis. I’m Lincoln Ward, thank you very much.

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33 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Hit a Backhand Ground Stroke in Tennis”

  1. It's not just for show!!!
    It's how you stable your swing because of the weak side.
    This is not bad except that everything else about the backhand are missing, like the grips, positions, foot work and etc.

  2. nice video.
    i ahve a question. ive followed your steps but my backhand is always too flat and it barely goes over the net and most dont even go over. i was just wondering if it is my grip tahts teh problem or the swing

  3. well my coach been telling me that for 2 handed backhand, if your right handed player, that ur left hand is doing most of the work. I dont like how the video says that the right hand is just for show, cuz its there to help keep the racket level and steady when making contact with the ball, at least thats how iit is for me,

  4. yes that is true when useing the 2 handed ur basically hitting a left handed forehand but since its not or dominant hand your right hand is there just to like guide it or kinda of give it a bit more control throughout ur swing….you use ur right hand 10% power and left hand 90% power

  5. it could actually be both depending on your grip you either adjust by bending your knees more or just swinging up alot more

  6. every time i use a continental grip on a backhand it normally results in a slice . Heavy Backspin. Everybodies strokes are different tho.

    I stick w/ the eastern backhand grip to provide that extra "pop" in my backhand. works good

    Keep ur arm straight through ur stroke – if ur a right hander make sure u step into the shot w/ ur right leg, taking baby steps to adjust ur position and line up w/ ur contact point…. Keep that back straight and ur knee's bent.

    Perfect shots every time.

  7. remember : Most of the swings motion comes from turning ur shoulders – Check ur footwork and ur grip, i recommend eastern backhand grip..

    step into ur shots to drive them down the court. righties put ur right foot forward on the backhand approach, turn those shoulders and keep ur arm relatively straight. Bend those knee's and NOT ur back, keep ur back nice and straight.

    Follow some of those rules and u'll be hiitting perfect shots all the time.

    Everybody's strokes are different tho. Find urs

  8. Never use a bent arm >_> It's so bad for your elbow and doesn't provide as much power.

    Also this guy has a horrible one handed backhand. Also don't watch him as he explains the dominant hand idea, he has his backwards, even if what he's saying is correct.

    The little asian kid had a pretty good looking two hander from what I saw though.

  9. except for saying your second hand is only for show…i mean its over simplified for beginners i suppose, but it defiantly adds some control/power at loss of speed

  10. that kids swing is so bad, he hits a closed faced two handed backhand. take a look at how far the racket goes behind his back. if you can see the racket on the other side of the player you know your form is bad. the racket should go straight back. They chose a terrible example.

  11. How simple do you guys need it ! It,s a good vid! He just screwed up the right and left handed bit ! It,s simple on a two handed it should be mostly your other arm ! The whole point of hitting it two handed

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