How to Play Street Hockey. If you’re less than agile on skates or if
you just don’t like the cold, this guide will have you slapping that puck without the risk
of slipping on the ice. You will need Playing area Street hockey sticks
Ball or street puck Net Protective gear and pads Sneakers Rollerblades Friends and neighbors
Stones or sidewalk chalk and indoor playing area (optional). Step 1. Find a good place to play, such as a tennis
court, a street cul-de-sac, a parking lot, or a flat rooftop. Move indoors to a gymnasium or a large basement
when the weather’s too cold or when it rains. Step 2. Find some hockey sticks, a ball or street
puck, and a simple net. Be creative if you lack specific items –use
a tennis ball or even a soda can if you don’t have a puck; and use a soccer or badminton
net. Step 3. Wear face masks, mouth guards, and eye protection
– especially if you have braces or wear glasses. Step 4. Practice in comfortable sneakers with good
treads before moving on to rollerblades. Step 5. Invite friends and neighbors to play. Keep things casual as more people join in. Step 6. Keep score using stones or sidewalk chalk. Count one point for each goal – but don’t
let the competition ruin your fun. Did you know Impromptu games of street hockey
sprung up in front of the White House after a section of Pennsylvania Avenue was closed
in 1995 for security reasons.

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Dennis Veasley

69 thoughts on “How to Play Street Hockey”

  1. bull, when I play street hockey we have: hockey sticks, net, puck/ball, and goalie pads. This is the dorky way of playing hockey.

  2. that is not how you play street hockey at all.

    Step 1: hockey net or garbage cans

    Step 2: hockey ball or punctured tennis ball

    Step 3: get friends

    Step 4: play hockey

    Optional: roller blades

  3. awww you need friends to play street hockey 🙁

    ps. why the fuck did I click on this video? and why the hell did I watch it?!

  4. lol we never wear that much gear me and my friends lol the odd friend wears gloves to stop splinters from going into his hands while takin a slapper lol

  5. You have to be chicken to wear player gear because I play only with a stick and a road hockey ball except for goalie I yous a the pretensions I can get

  6. Am I the only one who is watching this and already knows how to play street hockey for a long time?🤣

  7. it seems like most people dont have fights in street hockey the people over here are always doing cheap shots which cause fights

  8. “Go inside if it gets to cold” HA where I live ya it gets cold like 10 degrees cold but I love it when It gets to temps like that because I love the cold and I get to play hockey on lakes. Where I live, if you play street hockey in the summer roller skates at noon, you have to make sure not to get dehydrated or over heated. (In the summer where I live it gets up to 110 degress

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