Hi, I’m Scott Moore this is my son Daniel.
We’re multi-time national pickleball champions, certified instructors and
we’re going to show you how to play pickleball using three types of
positioning so stay tuned for some very informative pickleball instruction. First,
I’m going to show you correct body positioning when you hit a shot. The
three most common mistakes we see are first of all people hitting it
flat-footed or moving backwards. We actually don’t even want to go sideways
when we hit it but we want to make sure we’re either stepping in or at least
leaning in to our shots the second most common mistake we see people make when
they hit a pickleball is they’re still moving down or have too many moving
parts when they hit it we prefer that you get down before the ball gets there
and then meet the ball so that you have as few moving parts as possible most
people stand up too tall so by lowering your center of gravity in your body
you’re going to make better contact and play better pickleball. And the third
most common mistake we see people make is when they’re at the kitchen line is
either doing it’s a starfish when they’re leaning too far or crossing
their feet trying to reach a ball we want to shuffle quickly before the ball
gets there and be ready by keeping our body down shuffling so that we’re in
proper position not overreaching or crossing our feet. Next we’re going to
talk about paddle position the most important thing about your paddle is to
keep it up where you have of the paddle head up out in front of you well we see
a lot of times as people get running or get into a rally and they drop their
paddle head that is a formula for disaster because often when you drop it
you will pop it so I think of it almost as if I have a sword in my hand and I
keep the sword out front to protect myself for one thing but also to stay
ready for whatever comes my way. Now most people will load their paddle
or get the ready position around 12 o’clock so that they’re equally ready
for a forehand and a backhand. However a lot of people will go to nine
o’clock which is also okay you actually have a better range with
your backhand and can basically hit a backhand all
the way over to your right hip if you’re a right-handed player. Either way
somewhere between 12 and 9 with your paddle head up is the correct and best
paddle position. Lastly we’re going to talk about court position and where you
should be on the pickleball court a lot of times a mistake we see is people
hitting a return of serve and then staying back not getting in no matter
what the return you hit you have to move forward to get to the kitchen line and
be you up with your partner turn serve and move in as quickly as possible until
I get to the kitchen line this is the best position you can be on a pickleball
court you also want to move in conjunction with your partner so that
you can touch paddles with them at all times no one beat you down the middle so
if we get moved over to the left we move together by dink cross-court and we go
back to the right we move basically together so that we are always covering
the middle once we reach the kitchen line we have arrived this is the best
possible position on a court so one thing we never want to do is we
never want to retreat often people start backing up during the rally exposing
their feet extending the kitchen line for their opponents making it much
easier for them to not even have to hit a good shot to win the point so once
we’re here we are set we just move laterally and we do not move backwards
from the kitchen line okay the last part of the court positioning we’re going to
talk about is when you’re serving so you serve you are stuck at the base line
where you do not want to play pickleball from your goal is to work your way to
the kitchen line or non-volley zone where you want to play we talked about
that with a third shot drop we’re gonna now show you an intermediate pickleball
typically we will go in together so he will wait if the ball comes to me until
I hit the drop shot watch if it’s successful and then we’ll move in
together so I serve here comes a return we hit the drop
and move in together making sure we have the middle covered
first and foremost and then if possible working our way all the way to the
kitchen line now is where we want to be playing pickleball
this is the best premiere ideal position from which to play a pickleball point. Thank you for watching our how to play pickleball
video. I can tell now that you’re serious about improving your pickleball which is
why we have created for you an online pickleball video Academy called the
Pickleball Masterclass which features all of our training in a systematic
approach you can watch anytime in the comfort of your own home
this class will revolutionize your game all you have to do to get started is
click the link in the description below and we will look forward to seeing you
on the inside.

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