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Dennis Veasley

43 thoughts on “How to play cricket: The Basics”

  1. I don't know why it's seemed so mysterious when I've caught bits of it on TV. Seems pretty straightforward. The video didn't mention "overs", though, which seems to be what innings are divided into. Are those number of balls, or what determines it?

  2. Who is considered by all cricket players around the world as the best player ever (Sachin Tendulkar), and which country is usually number one? Is there a Hall of Fame for those that retire from the game? Answer: International Cricket Council (ICC) in Dubai

  3. Someone can explain the rules of cricket to me till they are blue in the face, and at the end ask if I understand?

    At the end of the instructional conversation, my head will bob north and south (yes), while my lips say no..

    In short, not interested.

    Now, would somebody please be so kind and point me to Arlington, TX?

  4. Here in Brazil we have a very similar game called "bets", which is pronounced exactly like "bats". Actually, isn't just similar, it's almost the same. The main diference is that it's a children's game, so there are only 4 players and the game is played with a rubber ball.

  5. Great video, I would really like to be able to play but not a lot of opportunities here in the U.S. I've played a lot of baseball and softball but this really looks fun also.

  6. We just got a huge cricket field here In texas… I figure I learn about it now and maybe play a game… cheers

  7. As someone who has struggled with written explanations of cricket or my old man (who played cricket as a kid) trying to explain it, this is the first explanation that made any sense.

  8. Can someone explain the "limited number of bowls"? How many bowls are per batsmen or in the inning? That was the only question I was having after watching this.

  9. I am black and always thought cricket was boring and for the lazy. This year we went out to play cricket and within 10 minutes I was very tired I couldn't make more runs. It's a very interesting sport and I love it more than football 👌👌

  10. thanks.
    been enjoying watching cricket on youtube … this helps confirm or correct my guesses as to what is happening

  11. Baseball clearly takes more skill to play.

    1.Bat in cricket has a larger width so it's easier to hit than baseball.
    2. The ball isn't thrown faster than a baseball. Also, baseball pitches can be curved, slider, changeup, fastball. Different style of pitches in baseball and it's pretty much thrown one way in cricket.
    3. All you need is to make contact with ball in cricket and no foul balls which is easy.

    Baseball takes more skill and strategic

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