How to Play Butts Up. A popular schoolyard staple, this game loosely
adopts tennis and baseball rules. But, true to its name, beware the consequences
of mishandling the ball. You will need 3 or more players Tennis ball
or racquetball Paved surface and wall. Step 1. Throw the ball against the wall. This is called breaking the ice. Throw it cleanly, and don’t let it connect
with the ground before hitting the wall. Step 2. Catch the ball after the bounce back. If you mishandle or drop the ball, run immediately
to tag the wall before another player gets the ball and hits the wall with it. Game rules often call for savsies. A player can throw the ball to another player
if they’re too far away from the wall. The receiver can wait until the thrower has
touched the wall, but savsies can backfire if the catcher betrays the thrower by throwing
the ball before they touch the wall. Step 3. Be unsuccessful in beating the thrown ball
and you have to stand facing the wall with your butt sticking out. The thrower then gets to throw the ball at
your backside, as the name implies. Step 4. Catch a fellow player’s ball before it hits
the pavement and the thrower is penalized with one out. If a player drops the ball after catching
it they also receive one out. 3 outs, and you’re out of the game. If the ball hits the wall and then bounces
off another player, the player hit by the ball gets an out. More ways to get an out include dropping the
ball and then touching it again before tagging the wall and being hit by the ball you’ve
thrown. Step 5. Win the game by being the last player standing
after all other players have been eliminated. Game rules and terminologies may vary by region,
but all share the common Butts Up bond of brutal ball throws. Did you know Tennis star Andy Roddick was
filmed playing a variation of Butts Up during the 2010 Australian Open.

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Dennis Veasley

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