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Dennis Veasley

84 thoughts on “How to Play Beer Pong | Drinking Games”

  1. this guy is boring and gibbering nonsense. plus annoying as hell. i would punch the beer pong out of his face if i ever came across this shitface.

  2. Better off learning how to play via the IOS and Android Beer Pong App Just search beer pong on the app store.

  3. Just had to watch a ad of some fat old lady needing nappies because she pisses herself. Not sure what vid was worse….

  4. I had a better set up. 8 cups and 3 shot glasses. 4 beers, 4 of something else like wine or reds. The shot glasses are vodka, Jager, and whisky. Shot glasses are like a bonus.

  5. i never pour beer or liquor in the rack of cups i pour water in and then decide be for the game starts what we would get is it a can each cup or a shot or just a quick chug then we decide if we drink when the ball doesnt make it in but just hits the rim if it would could as a chug and so one

  6. Rules are different in australia, we cheer when the ball lands in our cup because we get to fuckn drink. Get it in ya.

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  8. NEW drinking game, JUST launched on Kickstarter, check out the project!

  9. Our house rules for Beer Pong and how I've only ever seen it played in Britain (British Beer Pong);
    1 Ball (1 throw per turn not two)
    triangle of 10 cups
    if you sink a cup or not it's the end of the turn and the other team goes.
    Bounce shots can be slapped away but spillage is lickage.
    If you catch the ball one handed (not using body) off the cup your opponent drinks one of their cups.
    Each team can call re-rack once in the game into whatever formation they like (of the empty spaces). There is no automatic re-rack.
    When your final cup is sank, you can say redemption and you have the chance to sink as many of your opponents cups in a row to save the game, if you sink their last cup, they have the chance to say redemption and do the same, each team can only use redemption once.
    Losing team has to drink the remaining cups.

  10. Eww nasty ping pong ball that has fallen on the floor n touched by many drunk people aka probably has germs from urine n stuff fell into your beer cup so you drink it? I’d rather fill all cups with water n once it lands use a personal cup n pop a new beer, pour in, then drink.

  11. So did it take a master in business, majoring in anthropology, in order to qualify you for making this video? I can see years of college well spent.

  12. Ok, now im even more confused. Ill just stick with my 2 year olds idea 😂Ball in cup you win bahahaha.Teacher!!! This tutorial is ahhh 👎👎👎 you get an "F "

  13. Who's watching this at 17 and below 🤪 oh well I'm turning 18 this nov. 5, greet me a happy birthday for my legality if you see this. WE'RE DOING THIS!!!!!!

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