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Dennis Veasley

78 thoughts on “How to Play Beach Volleyball”

  1. this is not very helpfull , the dont say that u if u set the ball and it spinns , the point is given to the other team and that u arent allowed to use fingers !!

  2. WOW. Those girl's chests are as flat as the guy's.

    Hand signal section
    Biff: What type of block do you intend to use, Cortney, my luvv?
    Cortney: I intend to perform a cock-block. And un-hand my ass, Biff.

  3. @Alex98714 Not everyone knows how to play it. Like people in Finland. Or Bhutan. I'd suspect they know other sports that you don't. And I can also imagine them frowning if they asked if you know how to play curling or Bhutan archery. I'm just fucking with you, I get your point. Still, it's not very obvious even to me, who've played volleyball a couple of times. It's fun but I don't know all the rules xD

  4. Lmfao I went to this video thinking it was MysteryGuitarMan and his Fiance… didn't know so many people thought the same thing.

  5. the only reason why I clicked on this video was because of the skinny flat belly girl and the reason why I'm watching it is…the skinny flat belly girls

  6. I thought… Okay, one last video before work.

    Hmm, a girl in Bikini. Is that Mysteryguitarman?



  7. lol WTF volleyball is a sport? i thought it was just hot chicks prancing around in the sand in a bikini..but shit ..after this video..it seems that volleyball has so much depth in its rules and game! or i may be too tipsy to watch this shit.

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