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Dennis Veasley

51 thoughts on “How to Play 6 Games with Your Dog”

  1. I don't get you people. You're like:
    You will need:
    A dog
    ''Oh wow shit really?!?!''
    Then when it doesn't say you will need a dog you're like:
    ''Fucking awesome i don't need a dog!!

    Smh.. -_-

  2. XD my dog labrador is getting engry when i am playing tug-of-war with him but as soon as i give up he is coming to me seat down with toy in his mouth and looking me (because he wants to play again).

  3. My dog doesn't know how to play, he just runs around in a circle and then comes back to me and pokes me, he doesn't stop till I pet him

  4. 1. Dogs don't play. It's always a learning process.
    2. Never throw a ball or a broom or whatever. The dog will get addicted, as weird as it sounds.
    But he won't be able to stop and it won't be fun for him.

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