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Dennis Veasley


  1. I take a ball, soccer boots, shin pads, cones, water, goalkeeper gloves, and my socks plus the some extra set of clothes

  2. I've got in my bag 2 pair of boots, shin guard, the club trainers(if the weather is cold) and the club t-shirt, short, and a water bottle and a headset whit JACK 😂

  3. I need gloves,boots,clothes t-shirt or sweatshirt,shorts and underwear,flip flops and shampoo. That's that

  4. My football bag

    Soccer cleats

    Away kit

    Track kit

    Shin guards


    Sport glasses case



  5. All I bring is:

    One pair of cleats (depends on where my team is training)

    2 Bottles of water

    Team ball

    Team training wear

    Soccer socks

    And shin guards of course

  6. this are the thing tha i will broufht in soccer matches:long sleeve,shorts,boots,shin gaurds,extra clothing, socks, jersey, tape etc.

  7. In my football bag
    The end=)))) I like wearing my football boots from house to the yard=))) i am a simple man=)))

  8. In my football bag

    1. Boots
    2.shin pads
    3. Water
    5.Training Long sleeve
    6.Training cloth of my club..

    Thats all…!

  9. My Bag pack:
    -Football boots
    -Jogging Shoes
    -Shin Pads
    -Extra Jersey
    -Some Money,Wrist support,Stockings, Lower
    & nothing else!

  10. With me i just take a pair of Boots, socks ,shin pads, short and a T-shirt . Can't afford alot of things at the moment. Thank you Unisport

  11. what u need for a match/training
    •Long socks
    •shin guards
    •tights/Long sleeve if cold

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