I don’t know just won your very NOGLA: …smash it straight. MINI: Aaaaaaaand… Boom
NOGLA: Bam! Just like that. NOGLA: Hole in one. MARCEL: Hole in one. MINI: Hole in one- ah Brock! MINI: Oh No! MARCEL: W- We believe in you Brock NOGLA: There you go, par. MINI: Oooooo….
NOGLA: Beautiful. Beautiful. It’s okay Brock. MINI: Boop. NOGLA: Getting hole in ones isn’t funny it all. BROCK: Alright, here we go! MINI: Whoo! Game time MINI: This one, real thumb, just blasteroony. Boom. MINI: HOLE IN ONE AGAIN! YEAAAASSS! NOGLA: What the FUCK?! OUT OF BOUNDS! BROCK: Oh my GOSH!
NOGLA: I did- NOGLA: -what you did! MINI: Hahahaha…. NOGLA: Fucking game. BROCK: What? Hmmm……
MINI: Yaaay… MARCEL: No! No! No! No! MINI: You got it, you got it, you got it-
MARCEL: No! Come on please… MINI: -stop! You’re good, you’re good.
BROCK: I don’t know what I doing wrong. MINI: Yeeeaaah!
NOGLA: Yeeeeah. I take a… NOGLA: I take a bogey. I take- Wait Marcel, you shoot off that? Fucking bullshit. NOGLA: What the fuck? (NOGLA): What the fuck? NOGLA: Come on Brock. There you go Brock
MINI: There you go! BROCK: I don’t wanna talk to. MARCEL: Just photoshop it. Just photoshop. MINI: Oh Fuc- OK, this is where it all goes downhill. NOGLA: Aaaaannnddd…….Bam! MINI: No, I’m waiting for you to go.
NOGLA: Got it! Hehehehe…….. NOGLA: Hehehehe…
MINI: YES! MINI: Wow, I got a random speed boost Nogle: -to me. You fucking bitches. MINI: Oh Yeah! Come here. MINI: Oh- MARCEL: Nope! MINI: Hehe. No! (Echoing Marcel) NOGLA: Ah hinyah hanyah hamma hanyah hanyahmah hamaniii…(Ah. Oh no. Oh my. Oh God. Oh my. Oh pleaseee….) MINI: YES! Nooooooooo! Macarena. Doesn’t work. MARCEL: FUCK THAT SHIT! MINI: Oh!- Really?! Really?!… REALLY?! Re-…
NOGLA: Hahaha….Hehehe…. MINI: Fucking Knob-Jockey!
NOGLA: Suck a dick, Mini. NOGLA: Suck a dick, Miniii……
BROCK: Woohooo….. MINI: I’m taking- I’m taking my sweet ass time. NOGLA: Oh you! Oh that work! MARCEL: GOD DAMN IT!
BROCK: Woohoohoohoo….. NOGLA: Oh my God. This ball gonna fucking bust my balls. MINI: Yeah-ha-ha-ha-es! NOGLA: Wow!
MINI: Huh! Stroke four. MINI: Yay! Oh, you got it NOGLA: Hooo…..Hooo…
MINI: Hahaha. Byeee. Bye. (Imitating girl) MINI: Hiyya Marcel
BROCK: Marcel wind up pretty good. MINI: Yeah, he’s got this in the bag- Tap tap tap. Huuu….. MINI: There.
NOGLA: Bam. MARCEL: Heyyy… NOGLA: Haaa…..(Sigh)
MINI: Hehehe. There goes Nogla! NOGLA: Haaa…(Sigh and mad) NOGLA: Haaa…Haa…(Sigh and mad)
MINI: As his name slowly sinks down the screen. MARCEL: Daithi, remember! You can jump. NOGLA: Oh yeah, fuck! NOGLA: There you go. MINI: That’s all- That’s all he needed. There you go. Boop. MINI: Ooooohhh….. MINI: Ooohhh….. MARCEL: -next fucking level! MINI: That was sick! NOGLA: Yeaahhh!
MARCEL: Wait. Wait. Wait. MARCEL: Where is the hole? Where is the hole?
BROCK: Yeah. Where is it? MINI: Ehhh, OK, I’ll take it
BROCK: Okay. MINI: Wait! MINI: Hole in one me again!
BROCK: Is that work? BROCK: Marcel is that work?
NOGLA: Keep bouncing. Just keep bouncing. MARCEL: I made it. I made it on…
MINI: Come on. Somebody. Some- Somebody hit me. MINI: Somebody hit me please. NOGLA: What? Brock you son of a bitch.
MARCEL: Wait. Wait. Wait. Miniminimini….. BROCK: Yeaaa ah ah ah ah…..
NOGLA: You…fff…fuck boy! MARCEL: I knock Mini in.
BROCK: What? What do I do? MINI: Thank you so much. MARCEL: Did you get hole in one? MINI: Umm….got a….hole..in three. NOGLA: Dude. Too hot right now. NOGLA: Ooohhh…my fuck. MINI: So, for some reason I was having one stroke- -and went straight to three. MINI: I don’t know why. NOGLA: There we go. There we go. NOGLA: And then and then use the jumping power to- -go off the carbs… BROCK: Why? NOGLA: NO COME BACK! COME BACK! MINI: You had it. NOGLA: What are you recording you Jack…..
MINI: Jump. Jump. MINI: You got it. BROCK: There we go. MINI: NO!!! STOP! STOP IT NOG- Oh my… EVERYONE: Oooohhh…. NOGLA: Save boy save. MINI: Saved by the bell
NOGLA: Twenty-one. MINI:Twenty-one.
NOGLA: Twenty-one. MINI: What happens if you go straight?
BROCK: I did it again. There we go. BROCK: Maybe I’ll actually get hole in one.
MINI: Hooo…Hole in- MINI: -one again. Yeeeaaahs!
NOGLA: Hooo….Brock, I did what you did. NOGLA: I did what you did, Brock. I saw it. MINI: I saw with my eyes. BROCK: I should’ve stay there. Forgot collision is on. Dang it. MARCEL: Son of a bitch! MINI: Oh nice. Nice.
NOGLA: Oh nice, Marcel. MINI: You got that. You got that. All wrapped up. MARCEL: Are you fucking kidding me? MINI: It was so perfect.
MARCEL: Are you fucking serious? NOGLA: Why you do that?
MINI: Let it roll. Just let it roll. NOGLA: Jump. Jump. No, jump. Jump just before. See…. Now jump. Now- Nah, Nevermind. MARCEL: ……bogey MARCEL: Sick nasty. NOGLA: Alrigth. I’m, I’m cat- What the- MINI: Okay, I have a- I have an idea. NOGLA: Watch this shot men? Fucking the jello extra jelly. MINI: Come on….Didn’t…Didn’t work out MINI: Didn’t not work out. Didn’t not work out. MINI: YES!
NOGLA: Can you stop bouncing? NOGLA: Wow, Mini fucking going off man! MINI: Yes, I got par. MINI: [German Accent] The bouncing is working in my favour. BROCK: Can I? MINI: Nice, Marcel. BROCK: Can I? MARCEL: Birdie. I got birdie.
MINI: Come on, Brock. MINI: Come on. Custard. Custard. MINI: Custard.
NOGLA: How? MINI: Custard.
BROCK: I gonna have this custard. MINI: Custard (6x)
BROCK: I’m not even bouncing. MINI: Custard (6x)
BROCK: Like it just (did) automatically. BROCK: Ca-cake?
MARCEL: Okay. BROCK: Nope. NOGLA: No. No. Brock. Brock I’ll coach you through this. Okay? NOGLA: So just shoot to the aim of the half way- bounce bounce….. NOGLA: What a shot?
MINI: That was great. NOGLA: He’s the genius. MINI: Umm…Which is the right way again? BROCK: Uhh…we- It’s doesn’t matter. I don’t think. MINI: Okay, I’m gonna this way. NOGLA: Oh, FUCK OFF! MINI: Come on come on come on come on puf puf puf puf puf puf puf nope. MARCEL: What the fuck?
NOGLA: There we go. (3x) MINI: Did- A- Did- It didn’t even work. Fucking [hitting keyboard] turned on BROCK: Oh- Mini! MINI: What do I do? NOGLA: This hole is gonna fuck you up.
(EVERYONE SIGH) This is wherre you fucked up last time.
(EVERYONE SIGH) MINI: I remember this hole.
NOGLA: You remember this, ha? MINI: Alright let’s go.
NOGLA: You got memories here. MINI: Come…hoh..hoh…ha. NOGLA: Ooo! I made it. Hehehehehehehe…..
MINI: This hole……. NOGLA: No! I don’t mean I did. Hehehehehehe…. NOGLA: Time to watch Mini’s suffer. MINI: COME OOOONN!!!!! NOGLA: There is just something about you and this hole Mini that just- -doesn’t go…… MINI: Bab bab bab bab bab Yeah! NOGLA: Hey….Just when I said that.
MINI: Ooo! Maybe maybe is Marcel’s turn. MARCEL: Fuck twinky man! MINI: Fuck twinky. Ooh, here goes Brock. NOGLA: Alright. So hit, as hard as you can. NOGLA: As close as………without hitting the wall.
MINI: Ooo…that was good. That was good. NOGLA: There you go. That’s how you do it. MINI: Ooo….Their both in. NOGLA: I got you, Brock. I got you. MINI: Nice. MARCEL: Fuck me.
MINI: Hoo! Seven. MINI: What?…….What this one again? BROCK: I don’t remember what this one is. NOGLA: I think it’s just like three-quarters, yeah? NOGLA: Pretty much it.
MINI: What? What’s over there? BROCK: Ooh. This is super easy one. MARCEL: HEEEYYY!!!
NOGLA: Fuck you. You dick, Brock. NOGLA: Fucking the liner? MINI: Liner. MARCEL: Mini’s a God! MINI: That was [kissing] juicy and spicy. NOGLA: I’m fucking deon, man.
MINI: Nice. NOGLA: I’m D fucking…..
BROCK: Deon. MINI: Celine Deon.
BROCK: Deon. MINI: Celine Deon. NOGLA: I don’t give a fuck. I’m not gonna win. NOGLA: I’m not gonna win. I’m gonna go for flashy! NOGLA: That’s what matters. MINI: Spicy meatball! MARCEL: Oh no. NOGLA: Where? Where is it? Is up here? I’m gonna jump. NOGLA: Yeah, there you go. NOGLA: There we fucking go. MARCEL: Are you fucking serious? I didn’t make it. I didn’t make it. NOGLA: That’s okay. You can..d-do it again. Marcel. There you go. There you go. NOGLA: Aaaannnddd… NOGLA: Oh yonno yom minyoi you fucking! MINI: Ooo yo no minyoi. EVERYONE: Ooo yo no minyoi. MINI: Sounds like Spongebob doodle……
NOGLA: Top to the morning to ya. MINI: Aoi aoi minyoi- Par. BROCK: No… No….. MINI: Nice Nogla.
NOGLA: Come on. Come on. NOGLA: Come on jelly. DON’T GO BACK DOWN! NOGLA: DON’T DO IT! NO! NO! NOGLA: Oh my fuck! MINI: You had a millimeter.
NOGLA: How…. NOGLA: How you fucking doing in life? MINI: Ooo! Ooo! Marcel what do the same thiiiing… MINI: Ooo! Ooo! Marcel might do the same thiiiing…
BROCK: Yes…No…. BROCK: Yes! Yes! MINI: There you go Brock. NOGLA: [mumbling] the fucking [mumbling] EVERYONE: Ooo yo no minyoi. BROCK: Honestly is that like the….. MARCEL: ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! BROCK: Wi-With this game, five most frustrating. NOGLA: Oh yeah definitely. Fuck this candy place. NOGLA: This is not sweet. This is a bitter and sour and hateful. MINI: Marcel, golf gods were with you. MINI: Ten!
NOGLA: Oh my gosh. MINI: Uhhh…….Oh yeah. NOGLA: What was this? Like….this again? MARCEL: Don’t do that! NOGLA: Got it. Got it. Hole in one. Easy. BROCK: Woohoo…I-I accidentally jumped. NOGLA: B-Brock, you do a little bit over three quarters. MINI: Stooooooppp……..
NOGLA: A little bit over three quarters. MINI: Stooooooppp……..
NOGLA: Straight, a little bit over three quarters. BROCK: I’m an idiot.
NOGLA: Yeah, you do- you kind a got one. MINI: Yesss…Got it.
NOGLA: You got it. You got it. You got it too. NOGLA: Mini Ladd, that advice is for fucking Brock, you bitch! BROCK: Yeah, that’s stupid……
MINI: I gotta four, bitch! MINI: Batch. Just fucking batch. MINI: Good shot, Mini. Proud of you. MINI: Good shot, Mini. Proud of you.
NOGLA: Nyeh! Nyoh! Nyoh! NOGLA: Nyeh! Nyoh! Nyoh! MINI: Hehehehehe….
NOGLA: Nyoi nyoi nyoi nyoi. MINI: You have caught on to my tricks. NOGLA: Ai……
BROCK: Ooo!…I try to do it but did not work. BROCK: I try did. I try to…….actually. BROCK: I try did. I try to…….actually.
NOGLA: Got it! BROCK: I try did. I try to…….actually. MINI: Yes. BROCK: Dang it.
NOGLA: Oh you got the best shot. MARCEL: Alright, Brock.
NOGLA: Brock. MINI: Brock (4x)
NOGLA: Just go. NOGLA: There you going. Nice. Nice, Brock. NOGLA: Now just go straight forward. MARCEL: Jump. (2x)
NOGLA: Nice. There you going. MINI: No (9x) NOGLA: Good man. Good save. MARCEL: Now where in the left one? BROCK: Ooh…This is the water one. MARCEL: I gonna idea. (3x) Are you ready? MARCEL: That’s not it. That’s not my idea. BROCK: Where…where is….where are we trying to go? NOGLA: There we go. Got it. NOGLA: Got it. BROCK: It’s not that hole, is it? NOGLA: Ooo….got it. Got it. BROCK: Okay, there we go.
MINI: Yes. NOGLA: And…baaam! MINI: Par…badabing badaboom. NOGLA: And…baaam! MINI: Par…badabing badaboom. BROCK: Nope. This is the bad idea. Nevermind. BROCK: Nope. This is the bad idea. Nevermind. NOGLA: Brock is gone. Brock is gone.
MINI: Oh Brock. BROCK: I was……….. MINI: Oh you should take a run up. NOGLA: There you go. Ooh, you gonna jump. NOGLA: Remember you gotta jump. NOGLA: Nice Brock, nice. Now you got about three quarters smash it straight for the hole. NOGLA: Trust me. (3x) Brock. NOGLA: I never let you down. BROCK: Yes, many, many times.
MINI: Many times exactly ……….. NOGLA: Don’t even mention it. NOGLA: Oh fuck off mate! I’ll fucking… [Incomprehensible Gibberish]! BROCK: I didn’t even finish this one last time. NOGLA: Yeah. This hole….. MINI: I never finish. BROCK: Oh why did I keep accidentally jumping? Mini: Oh it’s a funnel. MARCEL: Aha. Nogla knock me off.
NOGLA: Ah! You! NOGLA: Fuck you, Marcel! Enjoy the ride, bitch boy.
MARCEL: No! NO! NOOOOOOOOO! NOGLA: Oh yeah. You’re coming back to me…….. BROCK: No…….. MINI: Come off that.
NOGLA: There you go. NOGLA: There you go. NOGLA: There you go. I made it. I made it. BROCK: I was so close. MINI: Oh yeah. MARCEL: Don’t do it, Nogla. Nogla, don’t do it. MARCEL: Don’t do it.
MINI: Yes! MARCEL: I’m all the way back MARCEL: over here because of you! Asshole!
MINI: He’s all way up. MINI: It can’t stop me. I’m all the way back. NOGLA: On the way up. On the way back NOGLA: Fuck this fucking shaggin’ hole! MINI: Shaggin’ ….Hole. BROCK: What? NOGLA: Good old fucking nine.
MINI: Like, like, two a half or three. You get it. BROCK: Ooo…. I accidentally jumped again. Cause I’m an idiot. NOGLA: Alright Brock, just three quarters. Hope for the best. NOGLA: Ooo….why…I know that feeling, Brock. NOGLA: I know that feeling.
MINI: It’s……It’s awful. BROCK: Here comes the 14. MINI: There you go. NOGLA: There you go. MINI: Boop.
NOGLA: There you go. MINI: One more.
NOGLA: And Mini won. MINI: Yeah! I’m up sixteen! BROCK: Marcel, Nogla, do you- do you guys wanna play without Mini? NOGLA: Yeah, sure. MINI: Noo……Oh! The save! MINI: Ah, okay….. That was the luckiest fucking shot ever. NOGLA: Oh….sick. MINI: I don’t , don’t deserve that. NOGLA: Oh fuck! I made a mistake!. NOGLA: I clicked too early. MINI: Yes! MINI: No.
NOGLA: Is Marcel gone? MARCEL: No. I’m here, dumbass! MINI: Stroke three! Yes! MIN: Good for you, Mini bitch. MIN: Thank you. My balls are rotten wet. NOGLA: Fucking well sweaty, aren’t they…….
MINI: Well sweaty, mate! BROCK: That was infuriating. MARCEL: None of this is making it into my video. I’m using that first one. MINI: No, I’m using this one. I like this one. MARCEL: Yes! Fuck this! BROCK: It doesn’t matter.
NOGLA: Alright! MARCEL: There is a hole? There is the fucking hole?! BROCK: That’s what you get for trying to take the high road. NOGLA: Off I go to the side, I didn’t want to play…Oh look. Danishes! 😀 MINI: Oh Marcel….Marcel…. MARCEL: ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? NOGLA: Fuck sake. MINI: I legitimately feel bad. MINI: There….. good shot.
NOGLA: There you go. NOGLA: I’m going a bit of an unorthodox route? NOGLA: Checking out this sword here. NOGLA: Watch this. Watch this shot. You wanna see the greatest fucking shot in your life? MINI: Go straight and jump. BROCK: Good shot. NOGLA: Boom……oohh…..back here again. Hi sword. NOGLA: Bam…..Ah, for fuck sake. Okay…okay. Hold on. I think …… out of stroke. NOGLA: Good try, guys. Good effort. MINI: Yeah, NOGLA: Looks like I won though. 89 is the highest number. MINI: Seventeen.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “HOW TO: MINIGOLF!! – Golf With Friends Gameplay Funny Moments”

  1. Its anyone else getting the same HP computer add over and over? Its really annoying, makes me not want to get their computer.

  2. You guys could have just jumped the whole way on hole 11 because it's like a staircase you guys didn't see the swirl you guys went up the squirrel but you didn't notice that there was a staircase right next to you

  3. mini must've double-tapped with his mouse or something because he shot with zero power twice, thats why he got 3 strokes (probably).

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