Are you a golfer out there that struggles
with your hip turn, not really sure how to use them? I’ve got the tip today that’ll help fix your
hip turn in your golf swing. Now, what we’re going to do is give you some
simple keys to help you understand what goes on with your hips, and how you can better
use your hips as a golfer. So, let’s dive into it. We have our nice balance set up, our hip is
tilted forward. And so, when our hips bend forward, they’re
not going to turn flat, they’re going to tilt on an axis. So, one side will get higher than the other
as we go in our backswing, and our right side will get higher than our left. So, we’re set up here. As we twist, our right side gets higher than
our left side. And then, as we go to about halfway in our
downswing, so our club will be right about here right now, our hips return to parallel. As we get to impact, our left side will get
higher. So, our hips, that are bent, will rotate around
that bent axis. So, one side will work up, level, then the
left side will work up. Now, as we do this, I have a great drill for
you to figure out how much your hips should turn in your follow-through. So, put your left hand on top of your golf
club. The first thing you’re going to do is, you’re
going to open up your chest, get your hand really high. You have open hips, open arms, and now, you
start to work your right hand under your left. You’ll find how much you can extend your hips. Your hips are more open. Mine are about 45, 50. Everybody’s a little different. Depending on who you are as a player, you
may only get to here, where your hips are more square, and some of you may be like Dustin
Johnson that gets their hips twisted way out. You’ll know what works best for you when you
start to work on this position because you will only be able to go so far and be able
to hold that impact position for a long period of time. Now, the golf swing travels in a circle, so
our hip turn has to follow that kind of arc, and we move our pressure to our right heel,
balls of our feet, left heel, as we work our way from our backswing to our impact position. So, as we work through this, we’re trying
to twist into our right hip, into our right heel, we’re back to the balls of our feet,
we’re on our left heel, our move into our left heel, and then, as we get to post-impact,
everything will start to straighten out. Now, there’s two different ways to use your
hips. You can twist, and you can shear your hips. I’m not much on the shearing side. It doesn’t work well for me, but others, it
does. So, what I mean by that is, you can shear
your hips by just trying to keep your hips in the same place and just rock your legs,
straight and knee-flex. And then, there’s the twisting version. Now, some of you will twist and that right
knee will go out, and that’s not what we want to do. And if that’s difficult, you can’t make it
work, you want to make your leg straighten. So then, our right leg will look like this
at the top of our backswing. We’ll straighten out that right leg, it’ll
line up into our heel with our hip, have a strong right side, right on our right heel,
big hip turn. And now, the tough part for you is, you’ve
never been here before, so you’ve got to snap the legs back through impact. And that’s how a player who shears will work
their hips a little better. Players that twist, it’s a similar concept,
but you have to make sure the pressure keeps going into that right heel. Make that pressure come back here, and turn
into your left heel. You don’t want to be over your right toe at
the top of your backswing. That means you’re falling forward, and you’re
probably going to be over the top and not have a great hit on the golf ball. So, we want to make sure we get into our right
heel position, left heel position, swing through to the finish. And so, when we’re working through our hip
structure, it’s important that we follow those kind of keys as our hips turn, and find out,
where can we apply the most pressure, and how we want to use our hips to best get a
big hip turn to the top of our backswing. So, I hope these tips help you make a great
hip turn and improve your golf swing, and I look forward to talking to you next time.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. I've been trying to improve with my hip rotation but didn't really know what to do – this explanation is very helpful indeed – thanks

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