This week I’ll show you a way to massage your
own shoulder specifically upper trapezius or traps with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball.
Either one works but use a tennis ball for softer pressure because it gives and lacrosse
ball for harder pressure because it doesn’t give. Since I always like a hard pressure
I’ll demonstrate with the lacrosse ball. Stand in front of the wall. Place the ball
between you and the wall, and lean against it. You can move side to side or up and down
by bending your knees. Trapezius muscle actually goes all the way
to the base of the skull over the neck muscles. You can lower yourself further to massage
the neck area but the knees and thighs start to burn so it’s better to reposition the ball
higher and massage in a comfortable position. To increase the pressure even more, use the
supported thumb of the other side and press the front of the shoulder muscle against
the ball.

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Dennis Veasley

18 thoughts on “How to massage your trapezius and neck with a ball – Massage Monday #145”

  1. this seriously works ! never had success with doing it on the floor, this way gives harder pressure and more movement and for the first night in ages i'll be going to sleep fairly pain free 🙂  

  2. thank you for the informative video, i clicked on the corner link (Bliss2Massage) and an error page pops out.

  3. Thank you so much for this! As crazy as it sounds I never considered standing against the wall when using a ball for myofascial massage and I have been doing it for years lol. This is so much easier than laying on the ground thanks for the tips!

  4. I found that the ball “ran away from me” – if you know what I mean? I usually use the pointy corner of the wall instead to really dig into the trigger point =) There of course different tools out there to get this done as well

  5. I prefer to use an outside corner wall and bend over at 90 to massage the top of my traps and the corner where shoulder and neck merge. Doing this has cured two years of soreness and neck stiffness from doing jiu jitsu.

  6. I put 2 tennis balls in a sock and tied a knot in the end. Works way better than a foam roller on my back. Also tied a knot in the middle between the 2 tennis balls.

  7. This has been so wonderful. It has cut down my pain killers since I had my shoulder replaced and I was having trouble with my other shoulder. My massage therapist suggested I put the ball in a sock for easy control. It travels with me everywhere! Also good on the bum and hips.

  8. mam how about creating a video on tutorials in ball massages in all parts of the body…not only in upper back and lower back.but in all parts of the body using only the tennis ball

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