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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How To Make Laces Shorter & Concealed | 5 Simple Ways – Ben Arthur”

  1. Thanks for the videos, man.

    They're very interesting and straight to the point. No scams, fraud or agressive ads putting people down to make them vulnerable to cheap products.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  2. I just put the laces under the insole and then you dont feel them in the shoe… kinda simple and you can just slip the shoes on and off without redoing it

  3. Wow…the double lacing system not only shorten the lace but it also make my show looks quite good as well and it makes the hold more strong…thank you

  4. When you cut the laces you can use wire shrink tubes for electrical wire that can be shrunk down with a heat gun or hair dryer

  5. Here's how to do it! 🤠
    Simply tie them like you usually do then tuck them under your shoe tounge👌💸
    Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeze!

  6. Another easy solution for shortening the laces is to (shortly) hold a lighter at it, after you cut them. This way you don't have to bother with superglue or anything. This trick won't work with natural (usually cotton) laces, but only with the polyester ones.

  7. When I was in military basic training we always had to tuck in our laces. Before I was there I never tucked in my laces on any of my shoes, so when I first started tucking them in I’d tie the in a bow and tuck them behind the tongue, it was very uncomfortable because the knot kept chaffing on my shin. So I came up with my own technique that I find pretty rare to come across. What I do: when feeding the lace through the last hole I feed it from outside—> in, then I take that same lace and to a crochet slip knot (google images for reference) and get it as close to the hole as possible (the closer the more secure your laces would be), then repeat on the same side, and when the shoe is on you just tuck them into their respected sides. Usually once the knots are set in place you rarely have to undo them, I use them on my Cortez Nike’s so the only time I ever undo the knot is to take the laces off for a wash, other than that I can just slip my shoes on and off without worrying about my laces 🙂

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