– Mary, what were you thinking? A fruitcake as a technical challenge? It’s not so much making it, it’s the cooling of it, isn’t it? – I reminded them in the tent
that they had to get going, that in the first half hour they’ve got to make the fruit cake. While that’s baking they
can get on with the top. – Any one of those things
you could break down and say almond paste, could go wrong. Sugar paste, making that can go wrong. Coloring sugar paste can go wrong. Piping could go wrong. The net, well, that’s easy to get wrong. (contemplative music) It’s all about texture, it’s about flavor, it’s about consistency
in the fruitcake as well. – If they get going and get
that cake in the oven early, and the spend time on
the intricate design, we should get some wonderful cakes. – It’s all about the timing.

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Dennis Veasley

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