How to Make a Tennis Ball Dog Toy. Your dog doesn’t care how much you spend on
their toys – they just want to play! Here’s how to provide some homemade fun. You will need Tennis balls A clean sock Rope
A knife A jingle bell and a strong needle and thread. Step 1. Stuff a tennis ball inside a sweat sock and
knot the sock’s open end. Now you have a toy you can play tug of war
with or throw. Use a clean sock so your dog doesn’t associate
your scent with your clothes and chew them indiscriminately. Step 2. Cut two slits in a tennis ball, one on either
side. Thread rope through the ball and knot it to
make a handle. Step 3. Use the rope handle to throw the ball or to
play tug of war. Step 4. Make a small hole in another tennis ball,
and insert a jingle bell. Sew the opening with a sturdy needle and thread. Step 5. Enjoy your dog toys and play with your dog
often. You’ll both get exercise! Did you know Did you know? Dog breeds considered highly intelligent include
the border collie, poodle, and German shepherd.

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Dennis Veasley

42 thoughts on “How to Make a Tennis Ball Dog Toy”

  1. Good idea about attaching a rope to the tennis ball as a handle. That way you don't have to get your hand completely drenched in slobber, lol.

  2. then you bypass buying the tennisball, the rope, the excato, the bell, and the sock and you buy the damn toy lol

  3. think about it, the toy is like 3 bucks after the full tube of tennis balls you have to buy thats like 2 or 3 in itself. and then the rope is like 5 bucks for a rope

  4. OR You could just give the dog a tennis ball trust me dogs don't need bels and whistels to play XD htey just need your arm and a ball Heck my dog kept herself busy for hours throwing a rotton ball in the air and catching it!

  5. good point so lets just take the mature ways out, and say that were both right and wrong. your right for if you have the stuff and im right if you dont. deal? good debiet though i had fun lol, that goes for everyone who was in this argument

  6. thats awesome LoopyL0u, i had my shepard since i was 8 and he passed away when i was 22, ive never known such loyalty since

  7. your dogs life or your mother's? see how everything is tradeable and things do have a price, even those who u think u care for the most.

  8. i speak the truth, what would u choose, ure dog to live or ure mother? u say u wouldnt trade ure dog for anything in the world so…

  9. You'll associate 'chew toy' with your socks…encouraging him to destroy your things.

    If the glue from the tennis ball doesn't completely destroy your dogs teeth, he might manage to rip that ball open to swallow that bell.

    Seriously, just spend the $10 on a Kong or something similar.

  10. @MaRbLeDrOpS No. You're wrong. The bell idea is dangerous. How many dogs do you know that wouldn't chew that thread in about 2 minutes? The glue from the tennis ball will damage your dogs teeth regardless of how close you watch him. How do you suggest you train a dog to distinguish between a non-toy sock and a toy sock?

  11. That was so useful!!
    And by the way when you said poodle was a smart dog breed I screamed ,poodle!!
    Sorry , I really like poodles πŸ™‚

  12. I have a border collie- they're great dogs but require a lot of maintenance because they are high energy and need to be exercised. Also they are happiest if they have a job to do. Despite his sensitivity and maintenance, I love my border collie. He is so smart and he can learn anything if I tried to teach him!

  13. Guys don't do the trick with the sock

    If the dog eats a piece of it, it will clog his intestines and he'll have trouble going to the bathroom

  14. I wouldn't advise letting a dog chew on or play with socks full stop, since they then could chew and swallow your other socks, leading to intestinal blockage . Also, playing tug of war can result in you being accidentally bitten. Just playing fetch with the ball is better.

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