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Dennis Veasley

14 thoughts on “How to Make a Run Out | Cricket”

  1. Sir can you please clear a doubt regarding run out, to make u understand my question, am taking three players name, Mathew Hayden , Gilchrist, ( batting team) ms dhoni and virat kholi , fielding side . Now my dout is ,1) Mathew Hayden is on strike, he strike the ball , suddenly started running, but he couldn't even cross or reach middle of the pitch, Gilchrist already reached here, kholi thrown the bowl from gully, dhoni collect the bowl and stumped, ( this happens in batting end, present situation is Gilchrist reach the batting end crease, and Mathew Hayden is still out of crease only ( batting end) he is just 1 meter away from batting end itself. Now in this condition who is considered as out , Gilchrist or Mathew Hayden…???? I hope u understood my doubt.

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