hey Lori here today we’re gonna do a
football wreath so I get this question off time about if you can use a 21-inch to
do we’re gonna do ruffles and so I’m going to show you how to cut a 21-inch
in half and then use it for ruffles so let’s get started okay so I live in
South Carolina and a lot of my friends are either Clemson or Carolina fans and
so I’m making a read today for a friend and I really want to use this color
orange well I didn’t have any of this and the 10 inch so I’m going to take
this 21 inch and cut it in half I don’t do that very often but sometimes if I
have trouble finding a specific color and all I have is a 21 inch I will do it
I’m also going to be using the 15 to 24 inch work wreath this has the pencil
ties on it and we’re going to be using lots of colors that match the colors so
what we’re going to need to do all right so what we’re going to do this we are
going to use a wood burning tool so and I’d say I will use these sometimes
but I don’t like to use them that often because em to slightly klutzy and I have
to dropped it on things and burnt things before so I don’t do it that often so if
you’re like me and you’re kind of klutzy take precautions
I’ve never brushed my hand or anything like that
so what I do is I I have some glass cutting boards they’re the tempered
glass so I’ll put those down on top of my cutting mat so I can see through it okay down here there we go all right so
what I will do for the 21 inch is as soon as this is hot
I will take my 21 inch here all right so you see this is the perfect
orange for what I mean so that’s why I’m just gonna go ahead and cut it in half
now what you can do is you want to use something like what I have here these
cutting boards because you want to protect your surface because it will cut
right through it these woods learning tools are great oh I don’t think I
turned it on let’s see if it’s hot no okay
I forgot to turn it on okay so what I do is I will come to about ten and a half
and I will cut once you get started it’s really not that hard so the reason I use
this instead of using my rotary cutter is because when you use a rotary cutter
it is nice and sharp but you will still get edges that will
tend to fray if you use a wood burning tool what it does is it will actually
burn as it’s cutting so let me see if it’s warm enough yet to show you no not
quite it’s getting there there it is
whoa okay so just to let you know this
wood-burning tool is called plaid I got mine from Walmart you can get it from
Amazon and this one if you can see has this little tip now you can get ones
that have a little knife I think those work pretty well the reason I like this
craft tip is because it helps keep you down the same line so when you’re
cutting this you don’t want to be cutting some of it at ten some of it 11
some of it at 12 so this helps you keep right in the same line so see all you do
is take this tool go to your mesh get the point that you want to go and then
try and stay on that same line you’re just pulling the tool along and I’ll show you what it does so walk
down one line seeing it cut it alright so as it cuts it it is also burning it
so this is a burning tool so you see it smoking right now so what it’s doing is
it’s burning that little edge so it will try you know if it won’t fray nearly as
much as if you try and cut it with something like a rotary cutter so what
I’ll do is I’ll just keep pulling it up and I will just cut down I will just use
that same line that I started with here now we’ll just slowly cut it all the way
down now if it looks like it’s not cutting it very well I will stop using
the tool for a minute and just let it heat up again so you see how if I touch
these parts here it just kind of burns it you see that so that’s what it’s
doing so it’s more like having an edge here now of course you are better off if
you go ahead and buy the 10 edge but if for some reason you don’t have the right
color or whatever the case may be it’s really great to invest in one of these
these are about oh I think they were about fifteen dollars and it is a really
great tool to have if you are a crafter so I will keep cutting this up
I’m gonna go ahead and cut the whole role because there’s no sense in not
doing that and then when I come back we’re gonna start cutting it to make our
ruffles now the other piece of advice I would give you is if you do this and you
cut it like this with the wood burning tool you will want to get some kind of
spray now I like the e6000 adhesive spray and the reason I like this a
little better is because it does not smell and it’s not sticky and it dries
pretty fast so I tried a lot of different ones and this is just my
favorite but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some other favorite so I’m
gonna keep cutting this and then when I come back we’ll start cutting it up to
make ruffles so I’ll be back shortly okay I have gotten it all cut up so now we can make our cuts to do the ruffles
so I’m gonna cut the ruffles at 30 inches so I’m just gonna roll my cut
mash up I’m gonna cut it every three inches so just use my rotary cutter and
cut away I’m Emily just getting a clean edge because those
little crooked okay so just just gonna cut it every 30
inches and I’m gonna cut at least 18 of these okay so I won’t make you watch me
cut all these but I’m just gonna cut 1830 it cut and then when I go back we
will start putting them on the week and then decorate okay so I’ll be back very
shortly okay so I have gotten them all cut up I have what so now I will I will
show you what we’re gonna do I’ve cut all of these at 30 inches so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna make a ruffle and all you do is lay it flat the way it
likes to curl so your nice side is up you just put your hands at the end and
just use your fingers to walk up so you’re just making a ruffle just by
pulling it in there just like this see then you just take your reef or open
up your tie then place it down just like that I’m just going to tie it off one
time because we’re going to come back into the riveting here so that’s all
we’re gonna do we’re just going to take these we’re going to just walk our hands
up through the middle and make a ruffle like this there we go then you go into
our next tie and tie that thing so now the reason that I use 30 inches
is because what I used to do is I used to do three ten inch ruffles but what I
figured out is of course the more pieces you have on there the more you touch
them the more freighter is so I thought well I’ll just do one piece 30 inches
and see how it looks it worked out really well I had done some at 20 inches
before which lots of wreath makers have but I’d never tried 30 inches so it
works out really well okay so I’ll just keep doing this just walking my hands up
through the center make my little ruffle then just go right
into the next time and that’s all I’m gonna do I’m gonna do that all the way
around this and then I’m gonna go get the top then do the same thing so I’m
gonna go ahead and do all the ones on the bottom and then when I come back
we’ll work on the ones on the top okay so I’ve gotten the first layer on
so now I’m just going to do the exact same thing on the top so I’ll just open
these up like that okay then I will just do the
same thing so I will just walk my hands up through the center and I go rifle this and I will just put it down and
tight like that okay so I’m gonna do the same
thing on the top that I did on the bottom and then when I come back we’re
gonna add a little purple to it say I’m gonna actually use the little six-inch
and we’ll do our ribbons it’ll put our football in the middle and then we’ll be
done so I’ll be back shortly okay so I’ve gotten all the ruffles on there see
that melech cute see now you’ll see some spots where it looks like there’s a hole
there but we’re going to fix that so one thing you need to make sure that
all of your rebels are fluffed out that’s one way you can get a hole okay
so just go around make sure they’re all fluffed out yep okay all right now what I can do because there will be some
that will be there will be some spots where there will be blanks so what you
can do in those instances is add another color so I’m doing eclipses in one so
their colors aren’t a purple I’m just going to take these and I am going to
cut just regular 10 inch ruffles okay and on these all I’m going to do is pull
it in the middle like this and then I’m gonna put it down on this bottom layer
where there’s some more gaps so then what you get is just kind of a hint of a
little color like this I’m not going to do it on everyone how do it like every
other one here I just want to kind of show you that you
can use more than just the 21 inch more than just the 10 inch and you can use
them together so just make it a little bowtie here go on to every other one and
that tie back up put it down and then tie it back off just like that
okay so we need one two more here okay like that
so one two one here see that cute it just kind of gives a
little splash of color okay right in the middle like a little bow
tie and go to this one okay Hey all right so get our little splash of
color on the bottom then do them on the top there cut a little straight there
now when I do it on the top I want to do opposite of the ones I just did on the
bottom I have a couple cut so so I have one here I have one here so I’m going to
put one here right back yeah one here okay and then I’ll do one here now do one
what let’s see here and there okay so I’ve shown you how to do that I want to
show you the ribbon now alright so I’m going to do my ribbon at 12 inches so I
will use my piece of cardboard that’s cut at 6 inches so while I would do and
I’m going to do a ribbon in everyone so there are 18 so I’ll need 36 ribbons and
I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 different times so we’ll need enough to get through that
okay so all I’m gonna do is just twist it around here like this yeah cut this
off and now I can slide my scissors through and cut a bunch at one time said
that quickly I cut forward then I like to fold it over cut at an angle away
from myself I like that little detail so I’m gonna cut up enough ribbon to get
through all of this and I’m going to put those two more purples on and then when
I come back we’ll put some ribbon on and we are going to put this football in the
middle so I will be back shortly okay all the Purple’s in there we are ready
to start adding ribbon so what I usually do as I am making my ribbons is I will
go ahead and put two together and then when I go to my wreath it’s just a lot
faster so I’m going to start on the bottom and
I’m just gonna open my try back up set my ribbon down and tie it back off and
then I just like to separate my ribbon cuz they’re both pretty I want you to
see both of them so that’s all I’m going to do I’ll just go around take my ribbon
find the middle open the tie back up and then spread out my ribbon so I’ll just keep going around doing the
same thing it’s like this so I’m not going to make you watch they
put one in each one so I will put these on the bottom then I will come back in a
minute and we’ll start on the top and I’ll show
you how we’re gonna do this football and we may put a little deco according in it
and that’ll be it so I’ll be back shortly okay I’ve got the bottom lemons
in so I’m just gonna do the same thing on top just open my ties back up put my
ribbon down read them out hey buddy I’m hungry okay alright so I
will go and finish putting the top of these on and apparently getting rusted
and I’ll be back there shortly and then we’ll finish it up okay so I’ve gotten
everything in didn’t that look cute all right now we have a few options we
can do some bold purple deco tubing we can do purple rope
I really like this stuff this is really cute because it you can kind of pull it
out like this like that a lot and we have a football so trying to figure out
how to put the football ahead and I’ve gotten a lot of questions on that and I
will tell you that what I do might not be the same thing that someone else does
I use a dowel or a little stick and I just poke it through the back like this
and then I just very gently push it through
I’ll leave the plastic on all I’m doing this because I don’t want the football
to move there okay so this is this one is made of kind of like that there’s
balls that boom okay yeah we go now so I have it on a stick and the reason I do
that is because I need to have something that I can use to tie onto the base so I
will move all of my mesh aside and I will use this and I will tie this on to
the base with some wire but one thing I will do so now I can take this plastic
off now that I have gotten my stick through okay I am going to put a little dab of glue
on each side just to keep it from moving and I’m going to get some wire ha ha
cuteness okay all right so I’ll just take this wire first I will
kind of take off that end that was really sharp and I am going to twist
this wire around it oops see it will come off but what I’m going to do is I’m
going to put some hot glue on it the other thing you can do is you can take a
small rubber band and tie the rubber band around the wire that will help us
well just helps to keep it from moving around one of those little old tricks people
used to use here we go just like that so then when you put this
on you just move your mashed aside you take this wire and you tie it down to
the front so we’ll do the other side so I’m just wrapping it around of course
I want to make sure I’ll leave enough to tie against the frame yeah yeah take
another small rubber band and I’ll write back this is one of those things where it’s
kind of hard to explain how I do it and it’s just easier to show
you how I do it there
all right now let’s see my glucose nope not yet okay so we’ll give that
another minute and in the meantime I wanted to show you this so I’m had on
several people asked me to make a Tennessee now this of course is not
perfect for Tennessee but I just wanted to kind of show you what you can do is
get the orange kind of the the more of the Tennessee they have these at craft
outlet and these are these metal sides and you can get these little this little
tools that will cut metal and you just go in the corner pop a little hole in it
like this you see that now you have a little hole and you can tie it right
onto your wreath they also sell these really cute little football helmets see
you can put that on your wreath now just a couple ways you can do this but most
likely what I would do so this is some type of foam so I would probably take my
ice pick and poke a hole through it and put my little tie on there and then tie
it down they have little alternatives so you can
use this same technique and just do whatever football team that you like
there are a ton of these so it’s really easy to find these and then this little
metal tool this is a bead Smith it’s a 1.5 you can find these on Amazon and
they’re really great for poking holes in metal and then you can use that to put
on your wreath I thought I would just throw that out
there because I know I’ve kind of gotten that question a lot so now since we cut
our mesh in half it is going to fray some but I will spray it once I’m
completely done all right let’s see if this is ready bad there we go
so I’ll just put some hot glue on it just to kind of stir it up a little bit
I want to make sure that I have it going in the direction I want it to okay and
then once this is dry all I’m gonna do is move my mesh put this down and I’m
going to just tie this wire right on to the frame so yeah alright let’s tie this side Oh on turn it around the back here so I can
see alright okay
so once I get it in place I will just tie it down hello alright so I got one side make
sure we got the other side here we go all right okay that’s it we’ve gotten our wreaths
done with the football in the center so you can see now you can see what it
looks like when you cut a 21-inch roll in half it works just fine now one thing
I can tell you if you’re worried about the little stick in the back you can
just paint the stick to match the the football and it looks just fine you can
cover it in a little bit of mesh that works as well so I hope you enjoyed this
and let me know what you thought and I hope you will try one for your favorite
football team and let me know what you thought and make sure to LIKE and
subscribe and thanks for watching and I’ll see you again soon bye bye

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