Do you know that once you receive your PSAT/NMSQT test results, you get immediate access to free personalized practice for the SAT on Khan Academy? Your results will help create an SAT study plan just for you, focused on the areas where you need the most help. Just follow these three simple steps… Step One – Go to …to create an account on Khan Academy or sign in to your existing account. Step Two – Choose to link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts while you’re signing up or from your account dashboard. Step Three – Create a College Board account or sign in to your existing account and click “Send” to send your scores. Now you’re all set to save time with personalized practice based on your test results. So sign up, link up, get practicing.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “How to Link Your College Board + Khan Academy Accounts”

  1. I linked my account and everything but it still doesn’t counts my practice time for my opportunity scholarship

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