Hi, my name’s Adam and this is Claudia, and today we’re talking about how you can use Doctor K Kinesiology tape for helping with
tennis elbow or lateral elbow pain. So this particular type of injury is common in sports that involve racquet use, so tennis obviously, hence the name. But it’s also common in work place settings as well – as a repetitive overuse injury relating to using a mouse or a keyboard or gripping or lifting type activities. So the taping can help to try and unload the insertion point of the muscles in the back of your forearm, where we tend to get most of that pain. So, first, we’re going to measure the length of our tape, so we’re going to try to find the bony bump of the elbow – that’s gonna
be our reference point. I’m gonna start from above that, running down to – not all the
way down her arm, bearing in mind that when we pull the tape tight, it’ll be longer than
what we cut. So we’re going to cut off the corners to avoid
peeling, and we’re going to prepare our anchor point by folding and tearing on the fold,
and then creating a little tab that we can then grab on to. Make sure that’s wide enough so you get a reasonably solid anchor point for this particular application. So, Claudia’s going to put that on. We’re going to find the bump on the outside of the elbow there, place that above – that’s it. Give it a good rub to make sure it sticks well, peel back that tape most of the way, and this one you don’t have to worry too much
about the tension, we’re just going to try and take the backing off. And then once you
get it most of the way down, just let it hang a little bit. Give it a bit more of a rub at the end there
to keep it on, and then come back -and we’re going to aim for 50% tension. Create that
50% tension, stick down, fold it down nice and neat, last little piece is going to come
off at the end there at no tension at all. Making sure that while we’re doing the application
the elbow’s straight and the wrist is flexed forwards. We’re going to do a horizontal piece as well.
We’re going to aim to run this over the bump on the elbow. So, we’re going to cut corners
here. Fold, and tear along your fold, and it’s best if you start on the inside of the
elbow. So we’re aiming to try to run over our little bump there. So, Claudia, can take
that little piece, and we’re going to stick it on the inside. That’s it. And we’re going
to peel off most of the way again like we’ve done before. We’re going to try to put a reasonable
amount of tension on this one, but avoid trying to bunch the skin as much as you can. Once you get to the end of the tape, you can stick it down – yep, that’s okay, good job. And
then peel off the edge. So then, for this particular type of lateral
elbow pain, it’s usually an overuse injury, and the overuse components need to be evaluated
effectively to resolve the problem. So that might be ergonomically minded in an office
situation, or it might be repetitive stress from a lifting or a physical job. It might
be technique, in regards to the way you’re hitting your backhand in tennis or something
along that line. Those things need to be evaluated effectively to normalize the problem, and
so help from health professionals in that area is usually worthwhile. In order to maximize potential for recovery,
other treatment techniques such as massage, ice, anti-inflammatories can be used. And,
certainly, the taping has the potential to help when it comes to minimising pain and
maximising your function. To keep it on effectively, you want to try
and minimize the use of massage oils and lotions and moisturisers around the area, reduce excessive
hair. Be careful when you’re putting clothing on so you’re not peeling edges of the taping
off, particularly where it cross itself. When you’re showering, you can pat it dry to make
sure that the tape doesn’t peel, and in bed, it’ll peel where sheets and blankets sometimes
touch the tape, so if you can put something over there, a sleeve or something over the
top, then that will help too. So, for more information about Dr. K Kinesiology
tape, visit sportstrap.com.au.

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