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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “How To Keep Score In Tennis”

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  2. I play against a Medical Doctor. He's been playing for years. Yet, he still stands on the Deuce side and argues that the score is "30-5". I try to explain to him, "But it can't be 30-5 on that side…"… But he still doesn't get it. :–(

  3. The French guy probably thinking about going one round of the clock. 0-15-30 and then since the last part is usually most difficult he allocated 20 rather than 15 to cross the line.

  4. But remember that the server starts the tie-break serving to the deuce court once, and thereafter the next 2 serves are done from the ad court first, then the deuce court, opposite to regular play.
    Lots of times that gets goofed up, believe me. That and remembering to switch sides on multiples of 6.

  5. Hey guys maybe a video on obscure rules and scoring and what to do ie ball falls out of pocket, hat falls off, ball spins back over the net, ball bounces off net post, opponent holds up hand after you serve, etc..???

  6. And then there's the new rule at wimbledon for final set tiebreakers at 12-12, thanks to a 3 day epic match in 2010 that nearly killed Isner and Mahut (70-68 in the fifth)

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