Now there are a lot of things that build off
of the one ball over the top pattern. If you throw one ball back and forth over the top
continuously, left hand to right hand to left, this is often called juggler’s tennis. Now
also what you can do is if you throw every throw over the top, it just takes a little
bit more getting used to. Each throw does not go all the way over, but instead goes
from the outside to the center. This is commonly called a reverse cascade just because it’s
exactly the opposite of the normal cascade. Here’s a normal, here’s reverse. So in review
we have our over the top throw, which is one, like this; we have tennis, which is the same
ball going back and forth over the top, crossing hands; we have the reverse cascade, which
is every throw going over the throw in front of it and juggling like this.

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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “How to Juggle 3 Balls : Juggling: Tennis & Reverse Cascade Patterns”

  1. I would label this video inspirational. Just the fact that he keeps time and juggles for four minutes is awesome. Perhaps my favorite YouTube video period.

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