hello friends welcome back on my channel today in this video i wil teach you how to judge line and length of a ball if you are a batsman then this video is for you please watch this video till end , so you can learn properly now i will tell you a trick ,if you are a batsman then i will tell you how to judge line and length of a ball now i will teach you from starting please leason properly when bowler starts his run up then every bowler has their hand rotation same though the action differ but all the rotate their hand like this so now, so now as a batsman you need to focus on from where the bowler release the ball from where the ball launches from the bowler hand so now if the ball release before the ear then the ball will come on full length or full toss if the ball is released after the face then the ball will come bouncer look now by the law of physics this happen this is very simple, common technique but all you need to do is focus on the ball till end hand is rotating like this then you need to watch the that it will come on full length and one thing more if the ball is releasing in the line of your ear or face then the ball will be a perfect Yorker facing this ball is hard for every one and you need to focus on this length so now friends i will tell some tricks to judge the length first you need to take your stance i had uploaded a video on this, you can watch it (links are given in discription) take leg stick take your stance now when the ball comes to you then you need take your leg in the line of the ball if the ball is coming in this length then if you take your leg like this and play the ball then this not the perfect technique if the ball is coming in this length then you need to take your leg in the line of the ball and play the shot this it not the way to tak your leg this and play the ball like this this technique is not perfect at all now i will show you some trail now friends if you watch that shot properly then you will know that
i take out my leg in the line of ball but before that i had watch the release of the ball that the ball will on full length or bouncer if the ball had come bouncer then i had played that shot on back foot but ball came on full length so i had played that shot on front foot by this way you can know that that you should play the shot on your front or back foot then you can invent your own shot there is no need to copy any cricketer so friends if you like this video then please hit the like button and also share with your friends so that they can too learn this technique and please subscribe my channel so that you can get my latest video update

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “how to judge line and length of a ball [Batting Tricks Cricket]”

  1. if u know how to judge the line and length then u yourself should be a good cricketer and in the mid of vedio can u tell me which physics law is applicabe

  2. This Technique won't work because Bowler bowls according to the pitch and he can vary its pace accordingly

  3. mujhe is YouTube pe surf vaibhav pande,gautam yadav aur snehal pradan (cricket with snehal) ye hi channel acche lagte hai mere favorite channel hai

  4. I still can't understand that how to pick the line and length and which shot to play if I have read the line and length.Help me bro.

  5. Bhai jasprit bumrah ka haat bahar se atta hai pir wo apni line or length ko
    Change karte rehta hai so how it's possible

  6. Bhai app apna ek app banalo play store me aur aapka saara videos upload karna pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Please dost Mera reply to Jarur Dena video Banakar ball par Nazar Kaise Rakhe cricket टप्पा खाने के बाद मेरा नजर नहीं रहता बॉल पर तेरा दोस्त

  8. Please mera reply ke jawab dena kaise kare ऑर्केस्ट्रा वीडियो प्लीज outside six Kaise Mare

  9. Not correct. It can vary depending on bowler to bowler action basis. E.g., someone like Malinga, can be a hard to read bowler besides judging from front view whether the ball was released beyond shoulder line or away from it, is near impossible due to parallel vision.

  10. Bhai me apka bhot bda fan plz aap iss https://youtu.be/addme/IJxVAS0jZ9yxz6cpLfkzHFoArKXAPQ accept kr lo plz plz

  11. Thanx for the video… I was having difficulty in reading the length of the ball … But after seeing this I'm confident that I can play the ball now

  12. ohh filam wo baat bata jo kisi ko pata na ho sari basic batein bata rha h jo under 13 k players ko bhi pata hoti hy.jo video ko awesome awesome kh rhy hy wo bhi jahil hy ya unko cricket ka kch bhi nhi pata

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