Hi, I’m Sperry Hutchinson. Today I’m gonna
show you how to install a new ball mount into a 2-inch receiver hitch. Slide the ball mount in the receiver of the hitch. Insert the hitch pin through the hole in the
receiver and ball mount. Secure the hitch pin by inserting
the straight leg of the clip through the hole in the hitch pin. For more
information, visit uhaul.com or refer to the user’s
guide available your U-Haul store.

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “How to Install a Ball Mount onto your Vehicle”

  1. I have a question please (taking note that the date on this channel is Jul 14 2015 ??). I got my complete tow bar package from U Haul. The pin I have doesn't have a hole in it but what looks to be a groove … I have a pin and have attached that to the groove, is this correct? Thank you in advance. Chandra

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