Kirk: Alright, footwork is a very important
part of being a tennis player. You see how big this tennis court is. You have to be able to get to the four corners
of this court effectively to be a good tennis player. How do you move on the court? Do you take the biggest steps you can take,
or should you take more economical steps? We think the steps should be economical in
size – quick, moderate sized steps. This way if you’re on the run, you’re running
into the ball, you’re less likely to actually jam yourself. The small steps are way more precise than
big steps. You see a lot of inexperienced players taking
big steps and bumping into themselves. Prior to even taking a step, though, remember
your fundamentals. Ready position to start. See which side that ball’s coming. It’s turn, quick little steps, take your swing,
and then you come back with a sidestepping motion. Because you don’t know whether the player’s
going to hit the ball to your left or to your right. A: Good. I think that footwork in tennis, of course,
is vital. Because without footwork you can’t be balanced. You can’t get set to hit the shot. Also, Kirk mentioned that you want to take
small to moderate steps, because if you’re taking big steps you’re off balance and you’re
in the air. You want to have a low center of gravity. So, footwork, small steps, gives you that
low center of gravity and that balance that you need. Also, Kirk mentioned right near the end that
it’s not just running, but it’s also what we call straddling. That is, when you recover from running for
a shot you want to straddle. You don’t want to turn and run, because the
player can what we call wrong foot you or hit the ball behind you and it takes too long
to turn around and get it. So, you want to learn to straddle. You want to learn to take small to moderate
steps. How do you do that? Well, you can play a lot of tennis and have
your coach teach you. You can also go out and buy a jumprope. A jumprope keeps you on your toes and teaches
you how to make small steps. They also have a variety of items that you
can purchase like what we call a flat ladder which is a ladder made out of plastic, and
you do a lot of footwork drills. You may have seen football players do these
drills with ropes or tires. All those kinds of exercises that you do in
a gym will help you on the tennis court. Kirk: If you can’t move you better be a big
hitter, because you’ve got to hit a lot of winners. A: That’s right.

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  1. Small steps actually gives you a higher center of gravity. The wider the steps the lower the body the lower the center of gravity.

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