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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How To Hydro Dip a Football! (Soccer Ball) ⚽️”

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  3. its not hydro dipping! its marble spray painting and why did you have to ruin a World Cup soccer ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! dislike

  4. soy el unico que piensa que las hace para el orto, tipo se cree que las sabe todas y que le quedaron perfectas porque tiene 1.000.000 de subs y en realidad estan horribles, ni si quiera las pone bien en el papel

  5. Guy,”so today we are going to,be putting,this spray before we dip this in…puts the hole can on

  6. He should watch some tutorials of how to do it better. If you put it slowly in, in a 30 or 40 degree angle and wash off the paint over it before you take the whole thing out it will look a lot better

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