am i doing it what is up welcome back
to another episode of world record Wednesdays we break or set a world
record every single Wednesday today we are with the amazing Brooklyn fly
everybody aka no sleep till Brooklyn on Instagram maybe you’ve seen her in this
video we were going to have a tutorial amazing montage and she’s going to
demonstrate all four world records and break a new world record but first I
want you show everybody what you got rippln that was incredible
but I want to learn how to hula-hoop now what what can you teach me I think I can
teach you how to do a chest roll but trust me it’s going to look like this
and it’s fairly simple you can do it from either side right or left I like to
start from the left so you’re gonna keep your chest up and your head back out of
the way you want to think of rolling the hoop on top of your thumb like that that
actually was a pretty bad you just want it to stay flat and roll all the way
down so close you’re pretty terrible at this thank you that was pretty good
actually it doesn’t make couple weeks to get that down oh okay oh good it might
be a little bit tricky with shoes on but as the hoop comes down you’re gonna
stick your foot in the open spot and you want it to stay around the arch
of your foot I know it’s been shoes you can do straight or bent it would
probably be easier to start and the motion comes wait Brooklyn I’m more
excited now do you think you can juggle wait I can’t believe I can do this very
good dog it’s pretty good now can you do one knee Cassie you’re up let’s see you
Cathy okay so now I’m gonna teach Cassie how to do a neck spin so you’re gonna
start with the hip sitting like right on your collar bones and you want it to
stay completely flat you don’t want it to come out either direction perfect
your turn okay you’re getting it there you go that was actually really good
what’s it again this week no that was definitely it so this isn’t this isn’t
my strong suit but she’s pretty cool at it so let’s watch her do more stuff so
it’s world at record time Brooklyn is a six-time Guinness world record holders
will you show us some of the records you have of course so my first almost most
funds around the arm in one minute I averaged three per second
my second record was most rotations around the knees in one minute
most spins around the neck in one minute my next record was most hula hoops
around the neck simultaneously where I did ten the record that was featured in
the Guinness World Record Book was longest duration to hold a six to loop
split box one minute in 16 seconds my next record was must spins around the
foot in one minute in bridge position Wow wow that was incredible it is time now
to set a new world record what are we studying Brooklyn today I’m gonna
attempt the most rotations around the foot in one minute where I have to be at
least 100 ah let’s do it I don’t even think I could do 10 I get on my foot and
spinning you can start alright okay so any time what are we at I lost count in my head
but I know it’s like over 120 count I like 127 we will put the official count
right here now everyone celebrate yeah new world record that’s all we have for
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