– Hey guys. Scott from
PlayYourCourt.com and today I’m going to show you how
to hit a short angle volley. (swooshing sound) So today we’re talking
about short angle volleys and this video is for players with a PlayYourCourt rating of 50 to 70. If you’re not in our community or familiar with our rating system, this is an equivalent of
a USTA 3.0 up to a 4.0. And honestly maybe there’s
some higher level players that don’t fully understand this, so this might help even if
you’re slightly about that level. So, we’re gonna talk about
the short angle volley today. I think the number one
mistake that players make when trying to hit this, is they don’t understand one key concept. And this key concept is that your racquet is actually gonna travel
in front of your face, in front of your nose, to
generate this sharp angle. When we’re taught volley’s, we know that the racquet is supposed to move towards our target, and we do a lot of
practice hitting the ball straight ahead or cross court. And this makes sense, but we don’t have a lot of repetitions on creating a really sharp angle. So the secret here is
actually very simple. It’s just to get
comfortable with the concept of letting your racquet
cross in front of your face since this is the direction
we want that ball to move. So I’m gonna have Nate
feed me a couple balls here and show you exactly what this looks like. Soft hands. You can see I’m generating
a very sharp angle. I’m just moving that
racquet in front of my body. If it’s up by my face, you’ll see it crosses
right in front of my nose. And what you’re going to find here, is if you’re looking to stick
the volley on a short angle, you’re gonna squeeze. Right? If I want to generate a lot of power, I’m gonna squeeze and punch out towards
that area of the court. That short angle that I’m looking for. I’m gonna squeeze and
cross in front of my nose. If I wanna drop it short with touch, I’m trying to create a soft surface. And the best analogy I can give you here is if you throw a tennis
ball against a brick wall it’s gonna bounce back a lot harder than if you throw it against a pillow. So try and create a pillow. A soft surface for that
ball to bounce off of as that racquet travels
in front of your face. I know this is short, but
it is simple instruction. If you want to generate
this short angle volley, you know, make sure that racquet’s moving in front of your face. And if you want to lighten
it up with some touch, just relax your grip to generate
that short angle dropper. I hope this video helps. As you guys know at PlayYourCourt, we just want to see you improve your game. Do me a favor. I don’t
know a ton about you. If I did, I could give
you a little bit more custom video coaching on things that you need to be
working on specifically. So do me a favor. Click the button or the link below. Answer a couple questions for me. And I’ll send you some
custom video coaching based on what you need to be working on. Just click the link or the button below, and we’ll do the rest.

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