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Dennis Veasley


  1. Adam,
    This video really puts a great perspective on the iron swing. I love golf but am terrible. My only wish is that I could consistently hit the ball solid. Accuracy will eventually happen but first, solid ball contact is a must have in the equation. Unfortunately it is something that I haven't figured out yet. I do what you describe as "chopping down" at it because I am trying to get the descending angle of attack. The result is usually a massive fat shot. This hammer drill or croquet shot I feel will eliminate my chopping motion combined with the bow in the left wrist. My question is at what point in the swing should I consciously start to bow my left wrist. Thanks for an awesome video. I am so excited to get out and give this a go.

  2. This is very confusing.  The name of the channel is Scratch Golf Academy, so I thought I finally found a channel that focused on the final details of specialty shots and strategies that helped golfers go from scratch to a plus index level instead of the usual how to grip a golf club.  Much to my surprise I see the video is "How to Hit Irons for Beginners"?  Obviously I misunderstood what the name of the channel meant.  I'm sure it will be helpful for beginners but meanwhile I guess I'll have to continue my search for a channel that focuses on the intricacy of playing scratch golf.

  3. Thank you for your videos! Keep it up! As a first year golfer these videos help a ton and you are very easy to understand.

  4. Tee time in 6 hrs and studying away 🙂 Your driver draw video gave me SO much confidence (and a decent draw!) Thank you!

  5. Wow, you're a fantastic teacher…this is the first fundamental of golf, and you explained it so nicely! Every beginner should watch this. I started golfing 4 years and it wasn't until I learned this concept, that I began to really understand golf. Blessings to you Adam for sharing your gift.

  6. As a new golfer, I was not totally aware of the loft until seeing your video instruction. Brilliant information on the hold position of the down swing. I found it's so helpful for the beginner as myself. Cheers!

  7. Thank you so very much. I bought new clubs back in 2008 but through the years got away from golfing. Your videos are very helpful getting Golf rolling again.

    Thank You.

  8. hi dud I am just wondering if you have any videos on the grip I have had tension in my hands since my car accident spent a fair bit of money over the year very hard to get them to help they yeah that will only take a short time but when you walk away and then you go to work and when it's time to play you feel your head is up you know what just another thing you sound like your rather aussis or kiwi thanks

  9. Terrific way of showing how to use an iron. Thanks Adam i am going for a hit soon and i will put your advice into practice. I will let you know how i go.

  10. Hi Adam,

    As a beginner it is a frustrating period with swinging actions and bringing everything into play. I just wanted to say whenever I feel "muddled" your videos are my go to point to reset my swings. Thank you for the brilliant content and keep them coming!

  11. That mallet idea is great. I should have used that as my go- to club.I probably would have enjoyed my golf more in years gone by.

  12. Never understood the concept of striking the ball without trying to lift it myself until watching this video. Thank you for a great video!

  13. Great video I'm a new golfer. not been on a golf course yet, just got my left handed clubs( I am right handed but swing better on my left side) . I think they are like 5th handed down, but they seem to be really nice for what I paid.

    What I like about your video is I don't see HUGE wholes in the green. I dislike that a lot. I will be watching this video again and again, and using a camera to watch what I do. Thanks for the lesson.

  14. Was unaware that I actually had to turn my left knuckles down at impact to get my divot. When i do that i get a closed face. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Tommy

  15. I've never been able to afford to have golf clubs fitted for me and I am a short guy at 5'7''. My question is how do i know excatly where to place my hands on the club when setting up to the ball? I realize i would have to choke up on most clubs as they are generally made for taller guys. Am I correct on this or am I overthinking?

  16. Excellent lesson. It's so simple. The golfer swings the club, and the club head lifts the ball. Let the club head do its job! Swing through the ball, and the club head will do the rest!

  17. Many thanksAdam ! I started playing golf at the age of 61, and have been having problems with my irons.I am 81 now and NOBODY told me about what I was doing wrong…….you just nailed it ,thanks again

  18. Any videos of COMPLETE golf swing ? From grip , how and when to cock wrist in back swing and when and how to release hands in down swing ? Does every club require to point at your belt buckle? Iam a new player who was hitting consistently with a baseball grip and instinctual swing . Since people have changed my grip and where my club should be and how to get a longer backswing I can hit the ball at all and when I do it cuts left . Can't seem to go back to the way I did before and can't find any help on YouTube

  19. Thank you Adam. I've been having a lot of trouble with this, and this video definitely has helped me. I always have a fear when I address the ball that the club is going to hit the ground first and take out a bunch of grass and the ball is not going to go anywhere. I think this causes me to overthink it.

  20. This is an amazing video for helping me as a beginner understand the concept of hitting a golf ball with irons. Love the mallet and your comment re: designer's job is to get the ball in the air

  21. you've completely turned my game around …I can hear you talking to me on the course..found your vids and the next day every one was complementing on my game and asked me what I was doing so differently …thanks bazz 🙂

  22. I play with the 1985 86 silver lynx I got from my dad when he died..he would be proud to see the way you have me hitting all my shots …im crushing my drives straight down the middle and crushing my 3 wood thanks for the club angle and sweet spots…see you at the 19th hole Bazz 🙂

  23. ive practiced hitting a small pool for acracy and persistance, my question is should i hit the ball in the center of the iron or at the base where ive been hitting it ,i curve it to the right.

  24. Started golfing about 5 years ago. Love to play. Haven't played at all in 2 years. Why, because of shanking. I can't figure it out, I'd love to start playing again but the shanks are so bad I won't play. So embarrassing.ive broken windows, hit golfers and cars. Even hit a guy at the driving range once!! YES I DID!!!!!!!!!! 7iron, 8 iron, 5 iron 58 degree wedge gap wedge, Doesn't matter I shank them all. I've taken lessons. 3 pros gave me three different reasons why I shank.i will not play again until I can figure it out. ANY SUGGESTIONS.

  25. As a new beginner to the sport struggling abit with irons but your videos as a god send really enjoying them

  26. Support our Indiegogo for Mulligan's moments. He will make you feel better about your swing.

  27. Once again Adam you have helped me with the mallet technique ..whenever I slide into lazy technique , fluffing etc I think of this drill .and its instantly cured can hit long and straight because of your drills ..cheers from Sydney Australia.

  28. Almost 2 years later and I am seeing this video for the first time and I'm loving it! I have pure striking issues with my irons but after watching this I am confident in fixing my game and shaving off strokes. Thank you!

  29. I used the concepts in this video and was having my best game ever until I was kicked off the course on the 12 th hole for having a mallet on my 5 iron.

  30. Thank you so much! I’m probably the worst golfer around. I watched this tutorial, forgot everything I’ve ever learned and only practiced this. My first nine hole par 3 I got 2 birdies, and 2 par. My over all score was 3 over par. Thanks again.

  31. I've been trying to hit down for years but all I get is a knockdown wind cheater punch type shot that can't hold greens and makes me lose distance.

  32. Thanks for this simple yet so helpful explanation. I gave up golf because I did not understand the principles of making good iron strikes……getting back into the game now…

  33. Just played my first round after finding your instruction videos. My irons have always been horrible. But today, after watching a few iron vids, they improved drastically.

    Thank you sir, for the great information. I'm a 30 handicap. I expect to be a 20 by the time this winter hits. All credit to you.

  34. I'm still struggling with the swing , when i hit the ball it keeps on going far right or far left and the same goes for my driving…
    any advice?

  35. I am gobsmacked at the total lack of quality information given here by a 'supposed' expert. No mention whatsoever of grip, stance, take-away, swing speed etc. and yet it's titled 'How to hit irons for beginners'!!!

  36. Awesome video. I have a question with the arrow on iron, when i keep that arrow marker on iron club straight to the ball then it feels a bit unusual coz of the weight of iron shifts a bit on back.. is it normal and i will get adjusted to it over the time? Also, Where can i buy that mallet??

  37. Great videos: simple, common themes and effective. Like the way the drills start off with short swings to get the hang of the concepts first.

  38. This makes no sense. For beginners I thought we are not suppose to tilt our wrist. We want a neutral grip and then the swing will hit on the sweet spot of the face nAtutally? So now I need to change my grip and change my wrist

  39. Not a beginner, but always trying to improve. My biggest problem is keeping my weight on my left side of my body for these short chips.

  40. Hi I’m jenna and from California I’m into golf. I want to beat my dad. This helps me since I’m a beginner 🙂

  41. Had a birdie and a few pars the other day….then the wheels fell off and a trip bogs came out. Short game is really good and driving is somewhat consistent its literally just hitting like 5-8 iron shots I suck apparently. I've heard lessons can be bad for you is that true or?

  42. I needed a refresher. Thank you!
    I'm struggling with high shots. Seems when I try to deloft, I end up shanking. I'm left-handed but swing right-handed, so I pull my club through and my right hand is along for the ride. No idea if that has to do with anything.

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