Now, I’m going to talk about another problem,
and that is when the ball goes to the side of the court. Normally it’s going to be, if
I’m doing a forehand. A very common problem is that the shot will go to the poster or
to the right fence, to my right fence. This happens normally because your aiming length,
and you might think, “oh, but my face of the racket it is looking forward, and I think
I’m doing everything right.” Well what many times happens is that your face is looking
good, but your body turns and your racket stays behind, and that what makes your wrist
give up, and that what makes your shot go to the right instead of going forward. To
correct this shot, it really helps to try to hit the ball more in front of you, so you
don’t give your body a chance to stay back, but to go forward and do the right shot that
you need to do. It’s not very common, but if your ball is going to the left side too
much, that’s because you’re hitting it too much in front of you, and it’s very easy fix.
Again, it doesn’t happen very often, but you should try to step a little more back on your
shot and your aiming and then you finish your shot.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “How to Hit Basic Tennis Shots : Troubleshooting Tennis Shots: Forehand Goes Out Right”

  1. this needs a clearer explanation …
    first of all, what she was talking about is hitting a ball to cross court(right of the screen) however, when she said that hitting the ball too late, that it goes that way that's completely wrong, look at :30-:40, where the racquet is facing at that time is where you will be hitting the ball, you're hitting the ball too late to be able to hit it across your body like she was talking about at :43. But her correction of the shot is somewhat ok.

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