Now we’re going to be talking about some problems
that we can face while we’re playing tennis, and how to correct them. A very common problem
is that the ball goes way out. It might go to the fence. It might go outside the lines,
and basically this happens, because we’re really starting down, and we’re aiming the
ball. The racquet is looking up, and then the ball is going really high over the net,
all the way to the fence. To correct that, something that really helps, is to try to
keep your racquet when you contact the ball, looking forward. Make sure that you don’t
tilt your racket too much up. Your body is going to go up. Same thing, if you tilt your
racket down, the ball is going to go down to the net. A reference is to keep your wrists
really strong when you contact the ball, and keep the frame of the racket kind of straight,
looking forward, and just swing as your shot is going forward, and this is one of the problems
you might have, and how to correct it.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “How to Hit Basic Tennis Shots : Troubleshooting Tennis Shots: Ball Goes too High or Low”

  1. Why some of you people made such freakin nasty comments about these videos??? It is posted here to help us in order to fine tune our techniques. If you think you are such a hot shot then why aren't you the 13 times Grand Slam champ instead of Roger Federer. Human sucks.

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