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Dennis Veasley

42 thoughts on “HOW TO HIT A FLOP SHOT IN GOLF”

  1. I play off 2 and i have had the yips with these for years! I shall practise this way tomorrow . Thanks for an excellent presentation

  2. great comment at the end 👍 anxiety and brain chemicals. its so easy in practice in competition it goes out the window 😬

  3. This is not a flop shot. It is a basic soft pitch. A flop shot has relatively extreme height vs. horizontal distance. When does a soft pitch get high enough to become a flop? I don't know, but this ain't it.

  4. After watching several of these, I figured out why this works. These mini lessons don't include coat hangers, water floatations or towels under my armpits. Just how to hit the ball! Crazy!

  5. Just learning the game ,at the minuet I'm sort of all over with different shot skills,but with your great videos and tips I'm sure will improve my game.

  6. I usually hit it thin and behind and it goes to the end of the world, but this look like great tips. Thanks Adam

  7. Adam, great lesson; what bounce do you recommend with a 58 degree wedge? I have a 56 Wilson staff with 10 degree of bounce (brass Insert as well)
    witch I open up to imulate a 58. Thank You!!

  8. Great video! I have been working on my flop shots and I will definitely put these tip in my practice sessions. Thank You.

  9. You are a very good teacher.. What separates you from others is that when you give your lessons.. They are always on course, not in some studio, confusing people with science and technology.. Good luck..!

  10. Terrific! Watching the pros and their variety of wedge shots does not translate necessarily to us amateurs. I often find that I am most comfortable with an 8 iron around the green. Really understanding how and when to use a more lofted club and doing it successfully is an art. I recently heard Justin Leonard say that he uses a 7 or 8 most times around the green. He felt it was a new phenomena in the way a lot of professionals use their wedges much more often today. I really struggle with that wedge shot and using a less lofted Pitching wedge makes more sense and will provide me with more confidence hitting a runner that settles more quickly.

  11. Was tough this shot 10 years ago and have used it where required with great success. You Must practice this shot lots to develop confidence in it

  12. Very clearly detailed instructions with beautiful explanations with reference to hands on strategies in the field. Liked it very much.

  13. Hello Adam, keeping the back of the left palm cupped and faced up to the sky will help increasing the loft, despite the steepness of the shaft to the ground with short irons, steep back swing that we perform vs long irons?

  14. High pitch off of a tight lie. 1 of 2 of my most dreaded shots in golf (the other being off soggy turf or mud). Great lesson.

  15. Good video to watch but for those listening in at home or with headphones keep your hand on the volume; it is all over the place. Not for home viewing on a decent setup.

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