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Dennis Veasley

32 thoughts on “How to Hit a Draw in 3 Simple Steps | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor”

  1. Sean, thanks for the way you explained the three steps. I tried that now three times, Bucket each time.. I now can shape the ball.. I can do it with the driver too. Best of all. I normally use a draw  driver because of my slicing( Chest opening up before the club face can hit the ball) So today I tried a neutral 10.5 G25 Ping. My swing seed 95mph. and I can shape a draw with out needing a draw bias Do you know how wonderful it feels that after 30 years of struggling with slice and thumb/back issues . I can now look at a dog leg and draw or fade as I wish..I found it works best when at set up the ball is between the centre and toe of my driver.. SO a big thank you .. Good job ..

  2. Hi,two things that still give me difficulty. My putting grip and stance are good, soft and simple but i wear glasses and reading the greens are the hardest part to learn. and secondly. I have a 60' loft club but have a lot of trouble hitting clean. 40% leading edge/ 40% slides under the ball leaving me no loft and no distance. /20% on the green but not overly accurate. due to that problem I have developed a better and more accurate Pitching wedge use. But I still need to use a lofty in some instances. maybe a lower loft would be better.  . These two improvements would save me 4-7 strokes every round.. Your help would be much appreciated.   Long and straight!

  3. All you slicers please watch this viedo because all the rest of us are standing in the fairway to the right of you are ducking all the time.

  4. Would a fade just be the exact opposite of this then? Start the ball with your club face at 11 and swing from outside in toward 10? Thank you for the video!

  5. This was absolutely more simply explained than the last 5 videos I watched on this topic.  I salute you for simplicity! Now just gotta try it out…

  6. Hello, I do not understand your comment on swing. 12 clock target 1 clock aim and your swing party is 2 clock. Then how do find the ball if you swing 2 clock. You missing the ball as ball is in 1.00 clock . Please help

  7. I dream of hitting a draw. But I can't even get the ball to start right forget about curving it back left. I feel like I'm swinging out to the right but the ball never starts right even with an open club face. The only way I can get the ball to go right is if I slice it.

  8. When I try to hit a draw and swing more right I tend to hit the ball in the heel of the club.  Ideas of why that is happening?

  9. I want to thank you. I've been trying to hit a draw forever. I tried closing my club face and try doing like that. And then when I opened my club fast a moved my backswing back more and pushed my downswing like you showed I draw the ball like a pro all my friends ask me how I do it. Thank you sir

  10. Hi I'm ben and I'm having trouble hitting a consistent driver shot I'm only a kid but when I hit my driver well it goes 170 yards. My trouble is that I usually don't keep my club face square.

    Thanks Ben

  11. Its quite amazing how people can come in to conflict about this issue. Human nature always up for a fight! The draw exlpained was brilliant however. Thank you for the confirmation.

  12. aim face at target(this must be done by closing the face up in the grip) and swing path right of target swing on swing path, ball will start down swing path then curve towards target that is how I do it and vise versa for a fade otherwise it is too much club or swing manipulation, at least for me as I want to use my same swing but an inside out swing is also necessary in both a controlled draw and fade

  13. Great! A clear explanation of a simple way to play this shot. I've looked at a number of you tube posts on this, your is the best I've seen. Well done!

  14. Very keen to give this a go and your video and summary tips (I registered on the website) are very handy indeed. Just a couple of question. When you say use a cut down version of this approach on the course, do you mean club face at 12:30 and swing at 1 o'clock? Does this work with the driver too?

  15. Nice vid.
    Potentially complex question:
    Would you say this ball is positioned any further back in the (newly altered) stance, at all?

  16. Hi Sean, just have a question about the swing path. If you aim your body and club face at 1 o'clock (on the range only) and your swing path is 2 o'clock, should your full swing path follow that direction at the backswing (8 o'clock)? Or can you start a normal downswing (7 o'clock – opposite of 1 o'clock) and then simply use your downswing to aim at 2 o'clock? Sorry if it sounds confusing, hard to explain, but I am curious.

  17. I tried this today trying to hit draw with my drive. For me a well struck shot will start out slightly left of line and fade back to centre. I tried 1 o'clock and made little difference so I decided to take things to the extreme and hit as farm​ right as I possibly could. I done this three time and each one went arrow straight and not a bit to the right. Just can't understand it.

  18. This makes some sense.  I aim to the target and the ball draws left.   I cant wait to get to the range and try aiming to 1p.

  19. I used to play a beautiful draw back in the day, took a 2 year hiatus, came back a few years ago and developed a fade. I've struggled to get my draw back, even though I know the fundamentals. Of all the tips, drills, videos, on-course lessons, this "clock" method has brung back my draw! It has led to more solid shots and a shallower downswing. Thank you!

  20. So when align yourself to 1 o’clock the clubface will make it appear open , no need to open the face of the club, correct? The clubface will not be facing 12 o’clock?
    I have struggled immensely more this year, hitting more fades and slices. Always setup closed, changing grip, setting up with closed club face and it still goes right. It’s more about the path and I think your way might make it work.

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