Joe: How to do a backhand volley in tennis. A backhand volley is a ball hit to the left
side of your body if you’re a right handed player, and you hit the ball out of the air. Generally, you’ll hit the backhand volley,
like any volley, at the net, but you can also execute a backhand volley from anywhere on
the court, again as long as you’re hitting it before it bounces – you’re hitting it out
of the air. Let’s talk about the typical backhand volley
at the net. Kirk will demonstrate. A backhand volley, what you do first is you
rotate your hips and shoulders. Position the racket above the wrist with a
slightly open face, getting ready to step, but not taking the racket head back. Just about even with your head. Don’t draw it back. Keep it here. Take a nice, fluid step into the ball, and
slice the ball with the edge of the racket like that. Okay, not hitting it like a frying pan, but
with the edge. The other important factor to note is on any
volley, whether it be a backhand or a forehand, you must learn the continental grip. You don’t want to do what we call a frying
pan volley. You want to learn to slice that volley to
create some back spin. It’s much harder to hit back if you can do
that. So, once again backhand volley. Position up high. Racket up above the wrist. Turn your hips and shoulders halfway. Step into it, and slice through that volley. Kirk? Kirk: The key, I think, is when you make that
nice turn. I like to tell people think of that left hand,
which is on the racket, as almost a catch position, so you could actually turn and catch
the ball. You don’t want to let that left hand get behind
you. So, it feels like it’s here, step, and hit. If you take the racket back the right size,
you’ll be able to give me great footwork. If you take that racket back extra, as Joe
mentioned, that breaks everything down. Joe: And what I tell all my students on any
volley at the net is that less is more. The less you move your racket and the more
you move your feet, the better volleyer you’re going to be. So, remember, move your feet into the ball,
and don’t take a big swing.

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Dennis Veasley

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