For Jacob having a bowl of yummy snacks is essential while watching his TV series. Emily tries to be nicer, but then again such a level of greediness doesn’t go too well with her. This guy is absorbing them without chewing. There will always be a sugar addict who wants to empty your snack bowl. That is why dogs dig a hole and hide
their phones under trees… Maybe it’s possible to hide some of the candy under a fake one. First of all let’s pull it out of the vase and use a small handy saw to cut out most chunks of the bottom foundation An instant noodle bowl or any other leftover paper can with the same width will work as our base instead. Just drop a layer of blue and firmly place the plant inside. Now plant your candy within the vase and cover it perfectly with a newly redesigned tree foundation. You might want to put some extra dirt on top to make it even more convincing and disguise the candy better. Perfect! Emilycan now quietly enjoy her candy for her secret snack stash. You can try your best Jacob, but you’re not gonna find a single sweet here. Ha! Emily already learned her lesson no candy for you this time, honey. Madison, did you prepare your homework for literature class? The final countdown is on with nowhere to run she picks Emma’s USB key without a blink and gives it to mrs. doobi as her own. The woman expects the same from Emma.
It was definitely here just a second ago! No homework – no good grades, Dear. Emma recognizes the exact culprit who stole her homework now all Emma needs is a counter action plan. Those spare physical education tennis balls might actually be a good prevention against burglary All she needs to do is make a straight cut through the ball, so the USB key would fit in. The malevolent teacher is coming to take the students homework. Sadly, Madison finds just some irrelevant things like a spare tennis ball on Emma’s table. Meanwhile the nerdy girl pulls her own
homework out of the tennis ball and her dignity as a good student is back. Madison gets some mark she deserves
detention Madison is really eager to show Emma
this guy that she met online but when you’re at a bar be aware of smugglers
that are waiting for an opportunity to pickpocket your wallet being a
considerate friend Madison would like to bare both of their costs she’s expecting
to have her wallet right where she left it but it’s all gone
Madison feels paralyzed by thinking about all the cash that was inside and I
guess a pack of bubble gum won’t be enough to pay the bill just take a
single piece of gum out of its wrapper time to change the contents of the
sweets into something pricier fold your paper cash inside in the shape of a gum
turn those sweets into cash wrap it into foil and put it back into the package
our pocket chewing gum money stash is up and ready now our friend here won’t even
find anything to steal what are you looking at buddy yeah that’s what I
thought just be sure to keep track of your gums
Madison might end up giving out slightly pricier and mouth refreshers and
intended jessyca need some cash to grab a bus and she finds it strange that her
cute piglet doesn’t hold a single penny oh yes it’s time for Emily to make her
run this little swindler at least she left her bowl with snacks wait a minute
piggy bank this little piglet may serve as a decoy let’s take an empty Cola can
and cut it in half we’ll cover the edges with duct tape try not to cut your
fingers during the process be careful because jessica is insert the can inside
a jar full of dried corn put some more of those grains around the
can and this is where your money goes in paper or coins doesn’t matter
close the door and you get a casual looking dried corn bake now there’s
going to be no more savings for Emily to take the piggy bank will stay as poor as
Emily without Jessica’s earnings she would definitely have more luck if she
tried to harvest corn maybe it’s time for you to get a job Emily meanwhile a
bus ride won’t be the only thing Jessica will afford when Emily finds an article
about webcam hackers paranoia takes over someone might actually be watching
through this tiny little eye above her screen emily is going through all kinds
of possible scenarios in her mind at this very moment some kind of intruder
may be trespassing her private territory without any permission what if it’s
someone familiar or maybe it’s a super intelligent lifeform from a distant
planet she could stick a bubble gum on it but um no it looks quite disgusting
maybe her own scarf well that’s not the best way to view the screen is it hmm
maybe a sticky note although I’ve seen this in many offices
it’s very unlikely that it will hold maybe this keychain nametag might get
useful it just needs a little upgrade to make it perfect firstly remove the tag
itself and flip it over put a piece of double-sided tape in order to stick it
out on the webcam drop a small square for the cam I cut a slice of a cute
washi tape on a piece of paper to make it look flashy err
make it the right width and cut a nice round edge now slide it smoothly into
the keychain and blind those hackers with rainbows now Emily is getting a lot
of attention from her friends noticing this colourful pride covering the webcam
being a thoughtful friend she made a personalized one for each of the girls
ladies don’t let those cyber stalkers get to you so long mr. stranger help you
never see us again ha jess is about to head out on a double
date with the boys and she wants to add an extra touch for the occasion she
seems to be on the hunt for her favorite earrings where could they be
jess is usually quite uptight about these things and it looks like Emily was
a bit sneaky while waiting for her friend do you mind if we get them back
girl some people just can’t be bothered to ask things in the first place
and then you’re treated like the bad guy just feels like her privacy was invaded
and has an idea of the furry friends who could protect her stuff in the future I
know you won’t like this step but we’re about to temporarily chop off his head
ouchie grab yourself a jar and glue the head to the very top it’s better to do
it on the edges but keep in mind it doesn’t need to look too nice third step
insert the jar inside the body piece and use hot glue to stick the edges to the
sides of the jar this will take you a couple of minutes
voila you’re done now just drop all of your precious belongings inside the jar
it can be pretty much anything lock the door and cover the clip with a bowtie
there we go after her date Jess comes back home and can stash her earrings
away for safekeeping keep up the good work buddy or counting on you and now
you’re jealous roommates won’t be able to snag your accessories anymore funnily
enough the stash is going to be right in front of them good luck finding those
earrings Emily jessica is checking out some art at a
gallery and a pickpocketer is keeping an eye on her goods
that’s quite an easy grab Jess although it only took just seconds to realize her
money is missing the guy is probably long gone
why not prevent this in the first place lay down an old shirt we’ll want to cut
out a piece of fabric and place it down on the inner part of your shorts use the
needle to sue it on keep in mind it doesn’t need to look perfect because
once it’s flipped outside out we won’t be seeing it at all just can now travel
with her cash stashed within her secret pocket nobody will even know it’s there
hey $2.00 for a croissant they must be cheap here emily is going
overseas in this almost finished packing her stuff come on girl we don’t have all
day also not sure if pocketing that amount of cash is a good idea now you
have to find a good place to stash it and it looks like you already found it
first open up your hairbrush it’s quite easy to do with the most of them bend
and roll your money in a tube you want to save as much space as you can slide
it inside and put the edges back in perfect nobody will have a clue about
your hidden money stash within this harmless hairbrush it will be our little
secret hey Panda lovers I hope you enjoyed these packs let us know which of
them you’re going to use next in the comments down below if you want to learn
more feel free to check out our older videos hit the subscribe button and ring
the bell to stay tuned for more

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