Get Handles At Home! Basketball Workout: Dribbling Drills | Snake you get handles at home absolutely just a minute you would get handled that content i’m going to show you my top three ways of getting handles at home hey guys coach yes you mentioned get handled that complex for checking out the video before we jump into it makes you hit that like button for me let’s try to get this video to a thousand likes and leave a comment down below let me know if there’s anything else you want to see from the channel i’m getting all my ideas from the comments down below the things i’m getting the most comments on other things that bring videos for and if you haven’t yet click that subscribe button and get on that notification squat to catch those newest videos as soon as they come out ok so my top three things to get handles at home first of all sitting down and drilling a ton of repetitions you can do this in your basement you know anywhere really where you can dribble the basketball you can sit down and you don’t need a lot of space hi to do this for hours in the basement just you can work on drilling hi going to pile o ok transitioning just a regular dribble you go under both legs ok back and forth same thing over here you can mix up doing hide ripples under high under low under law under ok you can mix all this stuff up in different ways or go 12 under 123 under 1234 under ok lot of ways mix that up onehand bees again you can combine this with everything one handy on that side you go inside all inside out comboing all that stuff together ok from there you can add in between the legs ok so what that would look like is this can you can go through this like two ways this way this way this way this way you can swing thru it’s coming through one way this time or through the other way this time then of course you can do the same thing with the other leg ok and then from there you can you know so it’s those are boom boom won’t get you can add are the other stuff in between ok that’s between the legs ok and then the final one this is a tough one over the top and hunger over-the-top and under talk to do that without hearing it you have to get a good pop on the dribble and then bring it all the way under across just like a big inside out dribble ok so you can come over all those things aren’t around mess with different dribble heights where you can even do those law school comes up high to the other side lot of different ways you can mix all this stuff up keep yourself entertained challenge i used to spend hours doing this watching streetball and and NBA mix tapes in my basement and just working on drilling and drilling and making a natural keeping my head up right I’m not even really paying attention to what i’m doing watching TV but i’m getting all these repetitions in and get my handles way but ok next thing stationary drilling you can do this pretty much anywhere as well you do this on a sidewalk basement driveway pretty much again anyway you can bounce the basketball all you really need is a lot of arm’s length of space ok so you know it could be you know between-the-legs crossover could be behind the back you can do more tap type dribbles ok you can do you know little mini combos like this again a lot of stuff you doing while you’re sitting you can bring that into the mix and just work on bringing all that stuff together so if you have a little more space to work with and you want to get more footwork and then you know you could do that it’s a more full work involved okay your dribble moves while you’re moving around a little bit working in the amount of space you have you don’t need a ton of space to you know develop some of your footwork and your ball handling ability but if you want some more ways as far as to work on that stuff click this link in the top right hand corner screen pop in your email send you a free workout that help you develop your handles your athleticism and a whole bunch of other things and then you also will get a new subscriber offer discount get ball on a string that programs meant entirely be done you know in a small space you don’t need a lot of spacing the absolutely crazy handles with that you might want to check that out as well but one other thing you might want to do on top of all this dribbling stuff is you might want to work on some raps wrapping it all behind the back between the legs stuff like that arm overall i’m not a big fan of doing lots of wraps in my ball-handling practice just for the fact that i don’t find them very gain specific or gain situation or a helpful unless you’re doing them in a very specific order with you know how you’re doing them with other drills which if you get ball on a string you’ll see kind of how we bring those in there in a unique way but overall I would say for the most part try to stick to mostly dribbling if you can help i give you the most bang for your buck and again if you got the space bring a little footwork into it okay final option with you don’t you can’t dribble you don’t have a basketball or you don’t have anywhere you can bounce the basketball this question I get a lot for a lot of players to say coach what do i do I can’t dribble in my house my parents will let me I don’t have anywhere I could practice make it to the gym I’m pretty much stuck what can I do well don’t do nothin do something right and we’re going to recommend you do is practice your drilling without a basketball working on pretending you have a basketball working your general combinations and I know a lot of people might think that sounds kind of funny and it might what you might think this isn’t gonna do anything for your ball handling ability why would you want to time with this it absolutely can help your ball handling ability it’s a motor skill at the end of the day right I know a lot of people i know a guy that was it is a drummer and he would sit there like two beats on his hands while he’s walking through stores and stuff he’s like it made me a way better drummer because i just got practice working algorithm that time in the coordination and develop developing all my hand-eye coordination you know moving my body parts different body parts together in unison and that’s what you’re doing with this too right you’re working on moving your whole body and seeing you can be working on your footwork your hand motions you can be working on that stance being able to stay low wide feet for lunch stance right so we’re working on the stance pay attention to details working on that timing obviously if you could bring a basketball in the equation is going much more effective and you’ll get up you know bigger bang for your buck much more improvement but this can absolutely help you i mean what better sitting on the couch and doing nothing or doing this i think you know the answer right why we’ll do something to get some of those motor skills that full body coordination down about that footwork your agility in your legs your stand all that stuff right and again you can work on those hand motions to and working you know again pay attention to details like we’re going to inside-out put your list in the motion like you would doing stuff like this without the basketball especially if you’re a beginner to be really helpful because it can be tough to get the feeling the coordination for it with the basketball right so let’s say you’re trying to learn how to do it inside out w can’t do with the basketball doing repetitions of practicing without the ball is a great way to just get ok this is how it’s supposed to be this is how it’s supposed to feel ok nan this is homeschool stuff step right and completing all those details into it then when you start bringing the basketball into when you do get to a jammer somewhere you can dribble it’s gonna be a lot easier to pick that up and bring it into the mix if you haven’t grabbed my free work i’ll click this link right here pop in your email and also that you right away for free that workouts going to work on your ball handling your athleticism your range of motion and a whole bunch of other things all at once began to notice an instant improvement your game makes you click this link right here subscribe to my channel and if you like this video click this link right here that’s a videotape I like as well and check out this playlist as always hit that like button leave a comment down below let me know what else you guys want to see I get all my ideas from the comments and make sure you show this video the front thanks for watching stay tuned for more break some ankles today Get Handles At Home! Basketball Workout: Dribbling Drills | Snake

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Dennis Veasley

62 thoughts on “How To: Get SICK Handles At Home! Basketball Dribbling Drills”

  1. I've been practicing a bunch and all your drills and tutorials help me a lot. every time I play against my dad, he says "did you learn that on YouTube?" 😂

  2. Appreciate all that you do Jesse but i really think you got that glitch on YouTube people have been talking about, i mean 176,000 subs and your gettin the views and likes to not even half that!? You should look into it a little

  3. coach please give some tips on finishing layups on tall people coz its really troublesome finishing the layup coz the tall people are always over you if u know what i am saying…..please …itll help a lot

  4. Coach, I don't know have you ever shown that on your videos, but how about you make a video about transition dribblings: when a point guard is just going with the ball from his teams half to opponents, and what are the easiest ways to transition the ball down the court with preasure from defander(s)?
    Thanks coach, you have some great tips, keep up updating these videos.

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