hi i’m paula moore the chiropractor and I’m going to show you how to get rid of those annoying muscle knots in your
shoulders you know the ones that you get from working at your desk all day long you’re going to need a tennis ball steal it from the dog you’re going to
need to locate those sore points take the tennis ball hold it in place
lean up against the wall crossing your arms then bring your legs about shoulder
width apart and a good half a meter out from the wall and you want to start to
roll until you locate the knot exactly okay so you’ve got the point and you’re
right on it now I’m not pushing back into the wall I’m merely just leaning
back with my body weight into it if you can’t manage that you just ease off
a little bit okay it’s going to be sore and you want to stay on the point until
the soreness fades completely or you can switch these little points on they’re
called trigger points it’s a little bit like pushing on an ice cube with your
thumb you’re melting it away and then when you take the tennis ball away
the increased blood flow helps to remove the lactic acid which are the waste
products from the muscles that we’re working now let me show you a
little tip from my patient there’s the tennis ball in the tights invention
thanks to Betty my patient thanks Betty this is great so for somebody who
doesn’t maybe have the flexibility they’re worried about the tennis ball
falling to the floor they can’t keep it in place perfect you can simply hold the tights find the knot lean up against the wall and Bob’s
your uncle as they say (in the UK) hold it in place find the knot actually that’s quite easy to do when you’re finished with the knots and it’s completely faded no longer
uncomfortable remove the tights and there you go this can be done in a
sitting position as well if you’ve got a stool you can lean up against the wall
that helps to lock it in place remember you want to stay on the knots the
trigger point until discomfort completely dissipates and you
may want to look at two or three points each side I bet you find at least that
many if you like these tips and you want to learn more about your own posture
type you can find that in my new book posture give it to be straight (no longer in print) and that’s found at posturevideos.com thanks for watching and don’t
forget click like if you did Cheers

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “How To Get Knots Out Of Your Shoulders”

  1. I can't wait to try this I'm sure it'll help. I just really need something for my severe plantar fasciitis. 🙁

  2. Try a golfball between the ribbs, and lie down with the arms, folded and move the ball
    betwixt the shoulder blade.

  3. Are you from Australia? You remind me so much of Nicole Kidman. Thanks for the tip. I love the one about putting it in a stocking. I'll be doing that one soon.

  4. Thank you! Have been unable to workout for three days because of pain in my shoulder and to a lesser extent my neck. Tried this exercise and seemed to help. Going to keep doing it daily. Hopefully I can get pain free. Pain started after my last workout when I was doing wide grip push ups until failure. Was pressing for a final repetition and got a spasm in my left shoulder. Neck pain I have since before. Always get it when I work in front of the computer even though I try to sit straight and not hunch over.

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