How to Get Knots out of Your Back. Myofascial pain, or pain from muscle knots,
affects 1 in 3 people. You can get the knots out using a few simple
methods and be able to get on with your day, pain-free. You will need Chair Heating pad Sock Rice
Microwave Tennis ball Friend and massage therapist. Step 1. Massage your supraspinatus muscle. Sit in a chair, put your right hand down to
your side, and hold onto the chair’s seat. Tilt your head to your left and, with your
left hand, reach up to your right shoulder and massage the muscle. Step 2. Switch to the other side. Hold the chair with your left hand, tilt your
head to the right, and massage the supraspinatus muscle on your left side. 2 to 3 minutes per hour is all it takes to
work out the knots. Step 3. Apply a heating pad to the knot to relax the
muscle for 30 minutes at a time. You can make a heating pad yourself by filling
a sock with uncooked rice, putting it in the microwave for a few minutes, and applying
the hot sock to the knot. Step 4. Use a tennis ball to loosen knots. Lie down on the floor with your legs extended. Lean on the side with the knot and position
the tennis ball beneath the knotted area. Then squirm on the floor, rolling the ball
around until it is directly against the most painful area. When the ball is in position, wiggle a bit
and allow your body to sink onto the tennis ball. Stay on the ball until the knot is relaxed. Step 5. Have someone else massage the muscle by standing
behind you while you’re sitting, squeezing the muscle, and breaking up the kinks and
spasms in the muscle. Step 6. See a massage therapist to locate and massage
the trigger points of myofascial pain. A trained massage therapist will easily work
out the knots that are causing you discomfort. The knots will shrink and soon you’ll be able
to relax without the nagging irritation of back and neck pain. Did you know Back pain is the leading cause
of disability in Americans under 45 years old.

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Dennis Veasley

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  2. You will need:
    Chair ✓
    Heating Pad—does a vibrator count?
    Rice✓—is this somehow racist against Asians?
    Tennis Ball✓
    Friend— what are those for? do they give exp or something?
    Massage Therapist✓ —a hooker counts, right?

  3. i have this affliction right now. I've tried heating pads and rubbing the afflicted area. alas, to little avail. stretching exercises are a good idea and sitting in a good posture.

  4. @meres2cool
    actually I never thought of the tennis ball thing, but that sounds GREAT.
    Some people just need simple ideas they just don't think of.

  5. Lol so randon objects that u need…btw if u get a massage therapist whats the point getting everthing else


  7. @SmileyChick46102 I'm was only making fun of HOWCAST, meaning that most of their Ideas are stupid and have stupid help, I'm NOT GIVING ANYONE MEDICAL HELP, JUST MAKING FUN : P

  8. this video is a bunch of "not shits" like i wouldn't be asking how to get a knot out of my back if i had someone to give me a fucking massage…

  9. HA! rice exploded alover my back and it brned i had a scab for a little while i said the same exact thing so jinx :X HA

  10. Did you know: Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45. Yes, because at 45 onwars many are so fat that they can no longer walk.

  11. "A friend" my husband doesn't do that forget about friend.I have to be always there for everybody when i need anything everyones tired.Wow i'm the only one who's not tired!!!!

  12. Cool, all i need now is 1 massage therapist. Guess since i can hardly afford health insurance ill have to become a kidnapper and kidnap a therapist. Teller " this isnt personal i just have a bad back "

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