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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “HOW TO GET A HARDER SHOT | learn to shoot harder in football”

  1. My story after this video….

    Saw this vid
    I am Impressed
    Gets the ball
    Goes to the soccer field
    Shoots the ball

  2. There is one more great tip: If you stop the thigh in height of the ball, your lower leg will have more Speed and the shot will be more powerful. 🙂

  3. I am a doctor of Free Kicks.
    Some Points Missing:
    After recoil of leg.. emphasis of kicking leg tightly bent all the way until you see your knee almost/exactly level with the top of the ball
    drop your kicking leg down like a hammer.. use your knee like a lever or pin.. maximising this with whip fro the hip!
    Don't be scared to try using your foot like your hand. YES.. you can turn your flick your ankle and/or toes on contact to create varying spin flight effects
    Turbo boost shot needed?.. try making your midsection pass over the centre of the ball when doing the follow through.
    Your shoulders stay parallel to the target on the follow through.. best that kicking leg touches the ground first

    Promise no matter how good your kick is.. you can make it better

  4. thank you man, my kick is getting stronger and my ball is flying to a neighbor's house, I'm not lying this is true, but I'm thankful because my kick is getting stronger

  5. Any one who is reading this comment "believe me this channel can teach you how to play football just subscribe it". Please pin my comment.

  6. If you want to practice left foot hear me out
    Kick mainly with the left foot passes,shots,skills etc
    It takes at least a month if you practice at least 3 times a week but you’ll get used to it and will get better form
    After you start to get better form start using both feet as I remember that I started to forget how to use my right for a second,This lowkey improves a lot more than just having a good weak foot,this will improve you chances to make varsity in soccer btw

  7. I have a big problem with shooting, the shot has no power and also the ball is back spinning super much, whta should I do?

  8. I have a problem ,perhaps a rookie problem but I have big feet my cleats are 11.5 and my biggest fear is hitting my toe on the floor when I go for a kick

  9. I have tried every method….my shot got power, everything. BUT it doesnt get lift..means that I cannot take a free kick because the ball doesnt get lift up….Please someone help me with it PLEASE

  10. Wow. The only thing I haven't been doing when shooting a ball is to plant my support foot deeply into the ground. I've only been planting it.

  11. Fun fact:
    When i shoot under the centre i shoot like CR7 Freekick but im serious… i dont get back spin i get top spin for some reason 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Have you guys felt that you can shoot the ball bare foot than wearung your shoe? I wear shoe and shoot the ball is so ugly as compare to barefoot. Sigh

  13. So here’s the thing I’m good at defense and I can play offense really well but the only thing is my shots. My shots are really weak so this has helped a lot thx

  14. Me: sees vid*

    Me: ok

    Me: *puts ball on ground

    Me: *try to shoot hard

    Also me: owwwwwww moooom my leg is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. (my tip is the following…) Thou shall practise the Kamehameha and focus your energy, once thou have mastered the technique thou shall move the energy to your strong foot, before your run up thou shall focus on your Kamehameha and think of something that makes thou angry. THEN thou shall approach the ball with great speed while you are screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN THOU KICK THE BALL THOU SHALL FEEL EMPTY AND MAYBE THE GROUND IS SHAKING! PEOPLE MIGHT BE RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES BUT DONT WORRY THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL, THEN BOOM…… emptyness arrives and god grants thou with nickname, Joe.

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