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Dennis Veasley


  1. Great to see you post more regularly again. Missed your content in my YouTube feed. On a different note. Looks like you've lost weight. You're eating enough?

  2. Great info adam, thanks. Could you tell me please, should we apply this to all clubs such as driver through to 8 or 9 iron? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Rob.

  3. Have to say you are by far the best instructor on the net! And I've watched them all. Love your stuff. Thank you and stay blessed

  4. Thanks for the video. This is something I tend to overlook, so I will practice your advice next time on the range.

  5. pollen is so heavy here on hilton head island its keeping me from golfing. hope you feel bettter soon adam.

  6. Have started to pull inside and it's making me shank, thanks for advice I'll try to watch that space in my arms, my takeaway is ok but I definitely lose it on the transition

  7. I was watching a YouTube video of DJ driving it. Even though he looks like he’s flailing his arms, it looks like he tries to keep the arms tucked close to his body. I tried to do the same and found better consistency. Thanks.

  8. Hi Adam great to see another vlog from you is it possible to do a vlog on tension in the back or no tension as in the bottom of are backs with curve or to much curve ( do some players need to stick there bums out a bit more or lift there chests up or not.) its come about trying to keep to still over the ball for year and cost me power many thanks

  9. Anothet constructive and informative video, Adam. I'm a perfectionist and have great overall athletic ability, but I struggle with my swing plane regularly. When I slow down and aim for the "impact bag" boy does that ball fly! Thanks, again.

  10. Thank you for mentioning…Different types of body mass requires a golf to figure out what works for him, but keep the fundamentals is very important…I took a lesson from Chad at PGA in Mertle Beach..He liked my swing, even tho I was having trouble, with distance and stright…He had me before takeaway ..Make sure I had space between my left arm and right arm, where he put a club shaft stright threw….What a difference…Just simple things, we forget sometimes, can make a huge difference……Leland

  11. Great video as always Adam. I been working on a one piece takeaway. I've noticed it really makes my sequence and timing really good. When my shoulders stop moving my arms stop moving.Can you do a video on that? I would love to hear your thoughts.

  12. Hi Adam great video, i really struggle with taking the club inside and flat, ive been trying for ages to stop doing it hopefully i can sort this out now. Thanks

  13. Adam after searching the web for different instructions I always come back to you here, always clear instructions and honest. I see you’re hitting Titleist clubs now, what irons are those they look like AP3’s?

  14. First, thanks for all the great information you provide here. Second, Where do you teach in Florida? I am an aspiring PGA Pro in South FL and would be interested in getting a lesson if it’s a reasonable drive! I appreciate all these videos, I’ve learned so much about the swing.

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