Hello. Adam Bazalgette here In southwest Florida,
Founder of Scratch Golf Academy. I want to talk to you today about a couple of key principles
in how to fix a slice with your driver. This is really one of the most commonly asked questions,
and besetting sins, if you like, of golfers around the globe. There’s a lot that can be
said, there’s a lot of components, but certainly let’s touch on the two main ones. That is
specifically, and we’re assuming reasonable contact, swing path at the moment of contact;
we’ll just say this represents parallel to the target line. Is the swing out or in? Almost
invariably with a slicer, it’s too far across the body. Then, perhaps an even bigger component,
club face angle at the moment of contact. Believe me, the modern data shows that wherever
that club face is aimed at the moment of contact, that’s pretty much where the ball’s going
to start out. Not entirely, but pretty close to it. So, we’ve got to get a change in both
of those if we’re slicing. Let’s talk about them in a little bit of detail one at a time.
Swing path. How does the typical golfer get that club coming more from the inside? A lot
of people find this very difficult to do. Okay, here’s what I would say to you, and
again, there’s a lot that could be said, but let’s give you a couple of I hope very helpful
principles. The more your hips move towards the target, assuming your head stays still,
the more side bend you create in your spine, and the more sweeping and from the inside
your club is likely to approach the ball. Most people that slice are entirely too rotary.
Upper body is too much on top of lower body. They’re really accelerating the club too violently
at the ball. They’re not in this kind of a mode. If you think for a second of skipping
a rock across water where you’ve got to be shallow, you see what your body would look
like. It wouldn’t look like that, so I’m going to suggest at times you actually setup, preset
your hips to the left, and just make a little baby swing, and feel what the swing path would
be like. That’s an idea on swing path. Now, let’s talk about club face, because that is
critical if you don’t get the club face right. We do not want to come in and have a big roll
of the wrist. I promise you you won’t be consistent or good if you do that. In many cases when
that happens, the handle slows down and the club actually goes more to the left. What
we want to feel, and I’ll approach the camera here, is the back of this lead hand snaps
more towards the ground. So, the release doesn’t so much slow the handle down and do that,
as it is turn the face towards the ground that way. Ideally, you’d feel that with a
real snap, and work that club face down. Let’s hit one little shot here. Put the ball on
a tee, and I’m going to do a little partial shot. I’ll take my setup, preset my hips forward.
You can see how this has affected my path, and I’m going to snap the face down as I do
this. Now, you could probably see there, that ball had a pretty good size hook. Started
to the right and hooking, so hope those two general ideas will get you started on the
way to thinking right. If you like this video, hit the thumbs up. We’ll get you more free
content, and you can subscribe to the channel. Any comments or questions about your swing,
put it down below. Get to it as soon as I can. That’s ScratchGolfAcademy.com. We’ve
got a host of content I think you’d find usable and helpful to you. I hope you go there and
check it out, and I hope this helps you get started to stopping slicing.

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Dennis Veasley


  1. Best 2min video I have watched for fixing the slice! Thanks. I like the comparison to skipping a rock. This is the one part of my game that needs to be fixed and I will feel great. Can't wait to hit the range later today 🙂

  2. Adam, thanks for all the great tips. When you mention turning your left wrist down, is it before contact or at contact. Is this for irons also?

  3. This was really good, the skipping a rock analogy really helped! I was swinging from the top and didn't even realize until watching this.

  4. I'm a complete beginner; I've only been to the driving range twice, but your videos have been a tremendous help to me! Thank you! It's like having an instructor right there on my phone.

  5. Today i find out by myself that rolling my hands earlier, is fixing my slice. And now i see this video and got taught that this is not a consistent way.

  6. just starting out, new to the game and enjoying your video . Can't wait for the weekend so I can get out there and play and practice my swing

  7. Cant wait to get to the range. This seems like the perfect way to practice with scaling everything down to the impact zone and build.

  8. Hi Adam, I've been golfing for about a month, and started to develop a slice when using my driver. I watched this video a week ago and my slice was almost immediately gone, and has been cured since. Thank you so much!

    Also, I'm a friend of Scott Holden's and live not far from Mediterra. I hope to meet you some day!

    Thank you, Frank

  9. The analogy of skipping a rock is always a game changer, especially when you preset your upper body tilt to the back.

  10. I look forward to trying these tips out on the course. All of your videos are very well done and easy to follow. Cheers!

  11. This video is excellent, and it is with comments like the one you make about skipping a rock on water that clarify what you're teaching. Excellent! I can associate this with the different posture needed to "sweep" with woods on the fairway, which I will presumably be hitting with greater frequency.

  12. If I tend to fade heavily, and if when I nearly slice the ball bounces to the right, then does that mean I have a clockwise spin? If so, it's probably because I'm swinging outside to in – right?

  13. I'm having a problem with a pretty bad slice lately. The part about put my hips to the left is hard for me because of a recent accident where I now have an above the knee amputation. Would you have any suggestions on how to start to correct it. Any advice would be deeply appreciate.

  14. Your bit at 2:30 I feel has is the tip that may bring my driver back to honor. It was at one point the best club in my bag and over the years it has slowly become the worst club in my bag. My handicap has gone from a +2 to an 8 in the past 3 years. Its is all due to the driver and has caused so much anxiety for me on the tee. I really look forward to rehearsing the release of the driver as I have noticed that I naturally do this with my irons and I am a solid striker of the ball. Thanks for sharing these videos I have really struggled as of late and it's really taking its toll.

  15. going to try the throwing the rock training i'm only six weeks into it and really can use as much help as possible, start working with lessons need the starters grip and stance please

  16. Adam your content is fantastic, presenting technical explanations in a simple fashion really helps me understand the mechanics of the swing more clearly in my minds eye, thanks!

  17. This is really helpful but can you make a video of slicing as a left handed player ? I’ve had my slice for over a month and nobody can assist me towards the direction of fixing it

  18. I am an average golfer with possibilities of being darn good with some hard work. I have watched numerous videos from many many "pros" , but have to say "I love the way Adam teaches and explains" . He speaks in simplicity versus having  to use big word jargon to make himself sound like he knows what he's talking about. I am bringing these videos to the range and seeing immediate results. Better yet I can actually "feel" what he explains vs just saying " I am doing these drills". I have no doubt that I am getting better , but not just scoring better , but striking the ball with an understanding of why I am able to do so. Thanks Adam and Golf Academy

  19. Adam; Your video's are very easy to understand, in fact the very BEST I have seen and I have seen a very big number in my 50 years of trying to play this game. But folks you have to practice these fixes more then just once because the OLD way keeps coming back and you don't really notice it. So they say it takes many times over and over to get it into your game for ever. DO practice these more over and over.

  20. Will have to try that with the hip setting,literally just starting out, but slicing a lot of drives and fairway shots. Seems if I take a shorter backswing, maybe only halfway, seem to have some more control over the ball, but when I try to let rip it slices.

  21. I can hit my irons straight all day long but my driver is a different story. I slice the driver bad. I have a strong grip so I feel it is not in my grip. Do you think my main problem could possibly be swing path with the driver? I guess a video of myself swinging would be very telling.

  22. The tower of Mordor is in the background! Middle earth has a golf course?!? Sweet!…… But thanks for the tips. Appreciate it!

  23. HI Adam, I have been following your vids for some time. I was a slicer but now I a hooking the ball which is killing my game as much as slicing. It seems my whole body is turning. Any tips ?

  24. I will echo what everyone else has mentioned. The skipping rock analogy was the AHA moment for me. Wow I'll have to try this.

  25. Spent months trying to get my driver straight and long. The “skipping a rock across water” analogy is the perfect thing to think about! I’m getting a lot more consistent. Thank you for all your wonderful insight, Adam!!

  26. Over 20 years of seeing every trick in the book, this is the best video ever for everyone to enjoy the game. Great job!

  27. If I consistently hit my driver to the right and can’t seem to fix it should I just tee off with low irons? I hit them quite far, my 4 iron about 250-260 and hit it straight when I do so? Or should I keep trying to drive for now

  28. I have set my driver on draw settings have a strong left hand. The face of the driver is turned inside yet the ball fades

  29. I corrected my slice by closing my shoulder's to the ball. I setup square, rotate my shoulders away from the target a couple of inches, then mover my arms back toward the target to get the clubhead close to the ball, then take my swing. However, even when the ball goes out straight, it almost always bounces to the right. Any thoughts on this?

  30. Thanks for this video and all of your others. I tend to slice my driver and shank my irons…would the tips you give in this video to fix the slice with a driver also apply to iron shots?

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