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Dennis Veasley

50 thoughts on “How to find the perfect bikini/swimsuit for your body type | BIKINI GUIDE | Justine Leconte”

  1. I have checked all the links in the description & corrected those that didn't work. I tried to find a good mix of one-piece vs. two-piece options so you get more inspiration. Sometimes I found a top that works but the bottom wasn't right for the body type so I left it out. It is often easier to find the right combination if you buy the top and the bottom separately 😉

  2. maan i'm totally late to the party since it's already two years ago that you posted this. Generally find your videos really helpful but I just have to say that I would NEVER ever put anything low waist on someone with an hourglass shape UNLESS the person was really fit/skinny or had a low hip bone. I'm an hourglass but my hipbone goes high up so anything low waist actually makes me look chubby cause it accentuates my STOMACH and not my waist.

  3. Justine, your videos are amazing. I could spend all day having a “Justine-athon”. Thank you for sharing your talent, and much success to you!

  4. I like how you illustrated the body types. Usually all that is shown are tall slender runway models with no figure problems

  5. A lot of videos like this act like you have to wear a certain type of swimsuit if you’re a certain body type. You realized that some people may be uncomfortable but worded i5 in a way that was not insulting.

  6. the front side is never a problem to me, I want it to look good in the back and the side xd and that's always problematic lol

  7. I hate swimsuit shopping before the days when the tops and bottoms were sold separately! I’m a 34 DD on top and a small on the bottom with no buttocks to speak of. It disappeared somewhere around the age of 40! 😏😳😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Justine! SOS! Additional assistance required lol! I'm having trouble deciding what body type I am? Somewhere between rectangle and hourglass? I'm fairly slim and trim, smaller breasted than a typical hourglass but I still have a much more narrow waist than hips, even though my hips and bottom arent very curvy…

  9. I consider myself a little bit an apple but I don't agree with your advise. High weist bottom makes me look even shorter and rounder. I always wear low weist trousers, skirts, bikini's etc etc o

  10. I feel like my bodytype changes all the time and then I don't know what to wear -_- … I'm somewhere between hourglass and pear but put on some weight now so I bought almost the same swimsuit you recomment for apple (before even seeing this video). Oh well. It's really comfortable though!

  11. I'd like to add that white and blue patterns on a two-piece a swinsuit look very flattering for pear-shapes girls.
    I'm pear-shaped myself, and I was surprised to see that for once, I don't feel ashamed of my hips while wearing this.

  12. Thank you so much! I'm an hourglass shape and I just grabbed the suite you suggested and I love it; you are amazing!

  13. Very pronounced hourglass here, YES it is so hard to find good swimwear (and clothes in general!), oh my gosh.

  14. I usually like Justines videos but I can't say it about this one unfortunately, because I didn't like that it was assumed that every type has specific body parts they dislike. The tips for the inverted triangle and the pear were especially bad and kind of disappointing because she assumed that they want to look more a specific way. The pear specifically was looking very bad. Sorry Justine!

  15. 6:20. Have you tried wearing it or swimming with these crossed straps ?))) That's uncomfortable and impossible. Good only for drawings)))

  16. Its an interesting concept but in practice i dont think Id wear those or compliment that way of dressing to minimize flaws or “even out” the body. Ive seen people conpliment their figure well by going with what artistic lines they already have

  17. You're so cute! I love your way of being beautiful without being too concerned of it. Love your advices. Concerning body shapes, my body is really weird: I have a clepsydra shape, shoulders equal to hips, thin waste but thich thighs and short legs. I am wondering if one peace suits match this kind of body. Am also looking for latino, 80s kind of bikini and would like to know what you think about this design. I am not very sure if I should hide or accentuate the hips, I love them, however it is the lenght of my legs that wish would be longer. Do you have any tips for girls with half skinny half round body? 🙂 Thank you!

  18. I know hourglass is the “ideal” body type for most but I honestly wish I was pear shaped. I ALWAYS have to struggle to bring any outfit together and especially with tops. I sew but it’s extra time and money. I used to wear a lot of baggy/loose fitted tops until late HS when I started to learn how to dress myself better without having to resort to tight shirts to fit. Chest that always fluctuates between 38DDD- 40DDD with fluctuating waist of 29-35 & idk about hips they’re just wider. I’m definitely somewhat happy with my body but other times I just wish I could take off my tiddies for a day or two

  19. thank you so much!!

    for hourglassie's who likes high-waisted clothes-

    h&m has a high waisted bikini buttom that has sorta strings in x's on the side so you can adjust it more on the waist 🙂

  20. Not sure why but I really like pear shapes cause I feel like they often look cute. I am an inverted triangle I think because my hips are a bit smaller than my shoulders and I have a big bust. Not sure tho what do u think?

  21. I like this video because it shows recommendations based on different body types and the explanations are done so well-like the paper doll outfits. I think not everyone has the same aesthetic goals though. Some of the recommendations made are assuming the person wants to hide their hips and bottom but not everyone wants that. Depends on what type of look you are going for and comfort levels.

  22. its weird for me bc… im a pear bc my butt and hips are larger, but then my shoulders are also broad. however, my boobs are small so i'm not really an hourglass + my shoulders aren't super broad LOL

  23. Question, I have a slight pear, more hourglass but I have really short shoulders, do you have a suggestion with adjustable straps?

  24. Loved that you explained with drawings! Sometimes, no matter how well one explains, it's still difficult to understand.

  25. These are good for your private swimming pools. Why women wear swim suits at the beach? Are they swimming there? They are sun bathing. Exposing themselves. They don't realize they are welcoming skin cancer. More than 15 minutes in the sun is not good for you.

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