Aside from analyzing your shoe and determining
it gives you good stability the most important thing is that it’s the correct size. If you
shoe is too big or too small it could also be causing your pain for different reasons.
There is no standardization of sizes between companies and different companies shoe sizes
may not be the same between their own shoes. So it is very important to try your shoes
on and make sure you have a good fit. If the shoe size is not correct and too big your
foot actually slides around in the shoe and could be catching and jamming into the front
of your shoe. If you notice that your nails on your toes hurt after running or if you
develop what is called runners nail and you have a bruise underneath the second toenail
it could be because you shoes are too small or they are too big. There are studies that
have been done that show that forty percent of people are wearing the wrong size shoe.
This was performed by the Special Olympics as well as analyzing injured athletes at the
Chicago Marathon. When should you buy your shoes? I think the best time to purchase your
shoes is at the end of the day once your feet are already swollen. They’re also tired and
achy so you’ll know immediately if the shoe is going to be comfortable or not. Often times,
especially when purchasing running shoes, your feet are going to swell during your activity
so trying on your shoes at the end of the day is the best time to get the most appropriate

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Dennis Veasley

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